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Where To Find Good Vegan Food In Santa Monica

good vegan food santa monica

Each of us is fond of something or the other, and we find ways to satisfy our desires. All we love is to be loved. Some places give us joy that we can’t explore anywhere. From this, I remember all the vegan places which are so stunning over Santa Monica. To provide you with a complex expression, we have listed all the places where you can find good vegan food in Santa Monica.

AVO Cafe

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This one has been reviewed with 44 views till now. All lies over 306 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, California.

It serves up the best among all, including Vegan, American, Pizza, Organic, Delivery, Take-out, Catering, Fusion, and Breakfast.

The vegan mainly deals in serving breakfast and lunch foods. There are a variety of options included in breakfast that goes avo toast, sprouted bagel with nut butter or plant creme cheese, oatmeal, muesli, muffins, and even acai bowl. It includes different choices of salads, quinoa, and brown rice bowls, plus paninis and pizzas. So one can indeed be benefitted from the variety of servings it offers. Apart from this, it even includes Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and bottles of cold-pressed juice.

Indoor sitting is the best provided for, and you can explore more.

McKenna’s Bakery

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Another one that comes is the McKenna’s bakery which has been reviewed by 25. It’s been situated over 1415 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, California. The cuisine it offers includes Vegan, American, Pizza, Organic, Take-out, Bakery, Gluten-free, and Breakfast. It was so rich for its gluten-free, vegan desserts like muffins, cupcakes, cake slices, and donuts. Earlier it even included offerings that provided for pancakes, waffles, and French toast. The more variety of it attracts greater no. of people. To a great extent, it makes pick up or delivery service available rest depending on location.

Satdha Kitchen

The next that is never left out is the satdha kitchen. It’s situated over 2218 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, California. The best of all cuisines it offers include Vegan, Organic, Thai, and even Take-out.

Many among us plant-based Thai food, which is so nutritious and is always loved to have. This one offers a great variety of vegan dishes, which other vegan restaurants do not provide. Some of the items provided include beet-dyed rice noodles, “catfish” eggplant, and Thai quiche, made from tofu. You can explore a greater variety other than this. All you need to do is to move around and choose yours.


That was something shared about the vegan food restaurant. Many restaurants can be added and explored in a while, but it depends on what we prefer and where we choose. Some prefer twists to be spicy and nutritious food, while some only go for spicy ones. All you need to do is select what all you would like to have among the variety offered to you.

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