What Is Vegan On The Go Movement

What is the ‘Vegan On The Go’ Movement and how does it work?

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The ‘Vegan On The Go’ movement aims to encourage people who don’t have time for sit-down, home-cooked meals to try veganism. This can be for a few reasons such as already having a stressful day without cooking after coming home from work or school, not having enough time or money, or traveling. Any kind of lifestyle change is hard in the beginning so by doing this you are taking away some of the initial struggles that come with being vegan. It can also help you transition into being vegan if you are curious about the lifestyle but not 100% sure yet because there is no pressure when you eat vegan just while traveling. It is also a way to show you what you are missing out on when eating meat, dairy, eggs, etc. There is an entire world of vegan foods out there!

Tips for becoming a vegan on the go

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Get a plant-based protein supplement to take with you in your bag or purse.

Pack some vegan snacks in case you get hungry. Pack them in individual containers so they don’t make a mess in your bag or car. You can also ask for them at fast-food restaurants like Chipotle and Taco Bell. They might even make one just for you!

Look up vegan restaurants near you, and order ahead of time to skip the line when you arrive, or ask what vegan options are available if it’s not open yet.

Ask friends to cook food that will be vegan for you when they’re having dinner together, and invite other vegans over for dinner.

Ask vegan people if you can bring something to them, like coffee or some other type of plant-based food for breakfast or lunch, and offer to do the same thing for them when they visit your city – make plans!

Remember that what’s most important is that you’re sticking with your diet despite all of this hassle. Enjoy it! 🙂

Vegan-friendly foods that can be eaten in transit or at your destination

The ‘vegan on the go’ movement is about making sure that people who live vegan lifestyles have food to eat when they’re traveling. This can be difficult, but there are many options for vegans to eat and drink on the go.

Fruit and vegetables:


Protein bar:

Cereal bars:

Frozen pizza bagel:

Hummus wraps with veggies:

Ice cream sandwich:



The Vegan on the Go movement is an effort to make veganism accessible in places that are traditionally catering to meat-eating customers. It’s a way of normalizing plant-based eating by making it available, which can be especially useful for people who have never tried or considered trying a vegan diet before.

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