What Is The Best Vegan Options At Fast Food Restaurants

vegan options at fast food

Many fast food chains have started to offer vegan and vegetarian meals. Even, McDonald’s serves veggie burgers and shakes. If you do have allergies or you just want to go more eco-friendly, these options are great.

Dishes To Choose From Without Sacrificing Tas

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If you are interested in vegan food but you don’t want to sacrifice taste, there are a few dishes that you can choose from without sacrificing taste. The original Cheeseburger at McDonald’s has the classic hamburger bun, but you can also get it without the bun. If you don’t like the taste of the original with the blueberry cheese inside, you can skip it and just get the veggie burger without the cheese. Both the black bean and the buffalo chicken burgers are excellent as well. You can order them without the sauce or salad, which can be a plus because sometimes the dressing on these dishes is a little to strong for non-vegans.

Baked Potato Burnt To Diner With A Side Of Fries And A Tossed Salad

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At Dairy Queen you can get a Baked Potato Burnt to Diner with a side of fries and a tossed salad. This dish doesn’t actually have a blueberry berry in it, but there are some blueberries in the dressing. If you don’t like the potato, you can request an alternative such as a bean burnt. This is made with a roasted and fried organic potato, blueberry tomato salad, and a blueberry-mustard dip. If you order this without the fries and salad, the vegetarian version may be just fine.

Chipotle has some vegan options as well. One is the vegetarian burrito. This is made with refried beans, fried vegetables, and grilled chipotle salsa on top. The only thing not to love about this is that the chips in the burrito aren’t prepared the tortilla style and they do make the dressing a little questionable.


Another vegan options at fast food chains that are becoming more prevalent due to the growth of the animal rights movement is soy-based products. Soy sauce is made with soy beans, and it’s often made a little too oily. Some people may not care, and that’s fine, but for most vegans, this one isn’t going to win many points. A soy burrito, on the other hand, is made by replacing the traditional meat sauce with soy.

Many of the vegan items at these chains are going to be available at different levels of calorie intake for everyone. For example, you can get sandwiches that are actually vegan. These are sandwiches that are made with peanut or almond butter, and with either wheat or corn bread. There are also salads offered that are made from a variety of different ingredients, and even a few vegan-made hot dogs. Of course, all of these options are going to vary from place to place, so checking out each option is a good idea before you decide to take it home.


The more you understand about veganism and what’s available at places like Burger King, the more you can start expanding your range of options and the more comfortable you will be eating in public. If you’re interested in a vegan burger, you can always ask a waiter to put it on the side for you, and there’s no need to order it without asking. After all, most fast-food restaurants already understand that vegans and vegetarians eat their burgers in front of us, so there’s no need to go any further than that. There are plenty of vegan options at fast-food restaurants, and no need to become a vegan to enjoy great tasting food.

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