Vegetarian Fast Food Options in Chicago

vegan fast food chicago

The vast majority of people who eat at restaurants never think about what they are eating because it is a traditional fast food meal that everyone knows. Yet, a fast food restaurant serves up a bad variety of dishes all the time. Here are some things that you need to consider.

Eating At Vegan Restaurants

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When you go out to eat at a restaurant that serves vegan meals, you don’t know what is going into the meal. That’s why you need to find a vegan dining establishment that has a variety of dishes from which to choose. Most vegans don’t eat a variety of foods like meat, cheese, potatoes, corn, beans, and rice so these restaurants will usually have a wide choice of dishes that will appeal to most tastes. If you are dining at a restaurant like this then you can be sure that the ingredients are fresh, not frozen or at risk of growth contaminants.

The quality of the food is also very important. The restaurant should make the effort to make certain that the ingredients are of the highest quality possible. Make sure that you are able to find the vegetables, fruits, and grains as described on the label. If you’re dining at a Chicago vegan restaurant then it’s easy to ask if the ingredients in the dishes are certified as organic and whether the restaurant uses non-GMO products.

Starts Outside As Soon As You Step Off The Curb

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Your experience at a vegan fast food restaurant in Chicago starts outside as soon as you step off the curb. Since fast food restaurants aren’t known for their menus being vegan-friendly, you should look for signs that state vegan or vegetarian-friendly on the building. The location itself may also promote vegetarian fare so keep that in mind when choosing the restaurant that you want to eat at.

The actual menu is going to be very different than most restaurants. Most places will have a wide range of options from salads to pasta to meat dishes. At a vegan-friendly restaurant you can expect to see a smaller menu, more condiments, and even dessert selections such as pies and shakes. Since there are less pasta, fruits, and grains on the menu you can expect to find a wider variety of dishes that you can enjoy.

Never Feel Pressured

You shouldn’t feel pressured or given too many options when you dine at a Chicago fast food restaurant. If you don’t feel comfortable with what is offered to you then don’t be afraid to ask for your favorite kind of food to be prepared differently. If you wish to order a salad, tell the server so that they can include it on the side. If you wish to order a meat dish, be willing to substitute vegetable dishes for something meat-based.


There are a number of great vegan fast food restaurants in Chicago. You should be able to find one that suits your taste and budget. When you visit a restaurant make sure you stick around. In addition to leaving food on your table, do not drink while you are dining. If dining at a restaurant that allows you to eat without leaving the table, it is probably a good idea to keep eating.

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