Vegans Eating Fast Food In Austin

vegan fast food austin

It has become quite trendy to go to restaurants that offer a healthier menu while also offering the traditional foods that we have come to love. In this case, we are talking about vegan “fast food” menus that have been specially made and offered by local Austin eateries. This might be a new niche for you but it sure is an up-and-coming one!

Austin Is A Hub Of Vegetarians And Vegans

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In the United States, Austin is a hub of vegetarians and vegans. This may have something to do with the city being home to the Red Robin restaurant and Top Bar (one of the most vegan establishments in the United States). There are many Austin vegans who frequent these two places. The number of vegetarians and vegans in Austin is growing rapidly as well, so it is not a surprise that places like these are catering to the needs of the Austin community.

In addition to these popular vegan restaurants, there are now “fast food” options popping up all over town. If you want to eat vegan but don’t want to drive a long way, these are the places for you. At these locations you can get vegan burgers, wraps, hot dogs, salads, and desserts in a fast and convenient way. They are also much healthier and often free of unhealthy extras such as trans fat and other unhealthy fats.

Vegan Fast Food Places

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If you live around downtown Austin or the University area, you will find vegan fast food places in the malls and in the college communities. These vegetarian spots tend to be run by student volunteers who do most of the cooking and serving. If you have never been to a vegan fast food restaurant, you might be surprised at the quality and the taste. Vegan burgers and salads are always tasty, whether served hot or on the table.

Austin is a very busy city, so finding good vegan options is often difficult. If you do happen to find a place to eat that offers vegan options, however, you need to plan ahead. It can be difficult finding vegan options during the week because of all the fast food chains that seem to offer nothing but bland, boring dishes. On the weekend, vegan options for lunch can become very limited, too. One way around this problem is to make a potluck dinner. Everyone brings their favorite dishes and you can mix them up in a way that everyone gets to eat what they want.

Taking Advantage Of A Vegan Diet

Even if you do not live in or near an Austin area, you can still take advantage of a vegan diet. There are numerous restaurants around the city that serve vegan versions of many traditional dishes. If you are feeling adventurous, you might want to try vegan ice cream. Ice cream needs no introduction to anyone with a vegan diet, but the vegan version tastes amazing! You may have to do some searching to find vegan ice cream in your area, but it is certainly worth the search.

Final Words

Vegetarian options abound in Austin. Sandwiches served with vegan ranch dip are delicious, as are tacos, burritos and wraps. One of the newer vegan fast food chains in town, Happy Cow, offers guests an assortment of “vegan-friendly” meals. They offer vegan hot dogs and even vegan so with Asian flair. Whatever you crave in a vegan meal, you can probably find it in Austin, Texas – or try to go all out and try vegan food on your own!

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