Vegan Snacks That Are Available Anywhere


We can skip meals when crammed with heavy workloads or a busy schedule, whether intentionally or unintentionally. During such times, we can turn to snacking to save us from stress, breakdowns, and hunger. We can easily grab some snacks at convenience stores, fast-food chains, and vending machine and munch on it while working.

Vegan Snacks That Are Available Anywhere

But what about vegans? Do vegans have the same easy access to snacks that could help them deal with a crammed schedule without getting too hungry? Surprisingly, yes. There are available vegan snacks readily available in convenience stores and vendors around, and what’s more surprising is that these are the same munches that non-vegans also enjoy eating.

Thanks to the manufacturers for creating these nibbles both non-vegans and vegans can enjoy! Were these created intentionally or accidentally? We may never know!

Vegan Snacks: Pringles Original, Reduced Fat and Lightly Salted

Who does not love Pringles? Everybody does, including the vegans. These stacked chips are made from highly processed potatoes. Only 50% of its weight is potato. The other half consists of water and cornstarch. Mixed with potato, they are then shaped into chips before getting fried in vegetable oil.

Vegan Snacks That Are Available Anywhere

But Pringles are not all made equal. There are only a few flavors that can be considered as vegan snacks, such as the original flavor reduced fat and lightly salted. In one of their posts on their official Facebook page, Pringles said, “We simplified our production for Pringles in order to meet customer and consumer demand. This included adding milk to some of our flavors, including BBQ… Please keep in mind that Pringles The Original (regular, Reduced Fat and Lightly Salted) will continue to be dairy-free.”

Vegan Snacks: Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili and Blaze

There is some good news and bad news for you if you are a new vegan who loves Doritos. The bad news is, your favorite Doritos Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch are not vegan-friendly because these variants contain ingredients like cheese, buttermilk, whey, milk, and other dairy-based ingredients.

Vegan Snacks That Are Available Anywhere

But do not fret because the good news is, vegans can still enjoy some other flavors that are vegan-friendly, such as Spicy Sweet Chili and Blaze. Get out of your comfort zone and go try these Doritos flavors as your next vegan snacks. Besides, you do not have any choice because if you love this brand, then you are going to love these vegan-friendly flavors too.

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