Vegan Lunch Ideas for Work That You Need To Know

Vegan Lunch Ideas for Work

Eating becomes a difficulty when you stay busy in your work chores. People working in a desk job or any other sectors, always find it difficult to manage their and health. Vegans find it very hard to have a proper diet if they are relying on outside food for their lunch hours. In this article, you will find out some vegan lunch ideas for work and how to prepare them. All the ingredients that you will use to prepare it will be easily accessible, thereby making it easier for everyone.

Chickpea Sandwich With Dry Fruits- Vegan Lunch Ideas for Work

Sandwiches are great to go when you have a very busy work schedule and less time to prepare a proper meal. If you are adding adequate veggies, as well as green leaves in your sandwich, then you are even maintaining a good nutritional diet. These super food will help you stay energetic for a long period of time. Therefore, the choice of food is very essential to prepare a healthy and light lunch. They sum up being good protein sources and is easy to prepare.

Best Vegan Lunch Ideas for Work
Best Vegan Lunch Ideas for Work

You can load your chickpea sandwich with avocado and cranberries. This will enhance it by adding sweetness to the meal. Hence, you can have a good lunchtime with a great meal. All you need is some boiled chickpeas and you need to smash it along with avocado in a bowl. You can add lettuce, or spinach in the mixture. Up next, you need to mix cranberries in lemon juice, and add it on top of the mixture. Toast the multi-grain or brown bread, add this mixture in between, and you are good to go.

Vegan Lunch Ideas for Work– Broccoli And Chickpea Salad

Salads are a great food to keep you healthy and active. You can rely it on any time of the day, and it will enhance your mood. The goodness of raw, as well as, organic products are a great way to have a wholesome meal. If you want to prepare your meal and carry it to your office, these salads are good to go. The broccoli and chickpea salad is best because of the good fiber as well as protein content in it. It will keep you full and you won’t feel sleepy post-lunch time.

If you prefer cauliflower instead of broccoli, you can replace it as well. You can add a lot of green vegetables, and yogurt in it. Sprinkling lemon juice on top of the salad is a good way to give a tangy flavor to the mixture. You can even add considerable amount of dry fruits to make it more yummy. This dish is definitely going to make your colleagues jealous.

Veg Pasta With Peanut Butter Garnish

Pasta are great food and everyone loves it. Now you can make a twist out of it. You can boil the pasta and a lot of veggies in it. Shredding the cabbage, carrots, are easy veggies to add. You can even add boiled peas, and other vegetables of your choice. Adding garlic, lemon juice, spring onions, etc. enhances the flavor and make it more delicious. You can garnish the pasta using peanut butter for a good wholesome meal. This will enhance your mood and will kill your work stress.

Easy And Best Vegan Lunch Ideas for Work
Easy And Best Vegan Lunch Ideas for Work


These are some of the vegan recipes that you can obviously try at your home and carry it to your work place. They will boost your mood and will make you an inspiration for others to start a healthy way of living.

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