Vegan Food Recipes Easy: 10 Easy Recipes For Beginners

Vegan Food Recipes Easy

For enjoying vegan foods, you don’t have to become a complete vegan. You may want to eat less meat, go all for no-meat-and-no-diary food recipes. However, unlike the non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals, the idea of making vegan foods can feel terrifying. However, the reality is vegan food recipes easy versions are also available. Without any dairy, meat, and even other animal products, you are most times left with only plants. But the blending of all the elements in the right amount can give vegan food recipes easy versions too:

Vegan Food Recipes Easy: Chimichurri Cauliflower Steaks

Yes, you read it right. It is a cauliflower steak without a trace of any red meat. Though it is a vegan cauliflower steak, you will still feel hearty even if you are not a vegan food fan. It is a great vegan dinner alternative from the non-vegetarian steaks. And it will touch the heart of even the staunchest meat-eaters of all.

vegan food recipes easy for beginners
Vegan Food Recipes Easy: 10 Easy Recipes For Beginners


Why not swap the eggplant with the zucchini for making the classic baba ganoush? You will get the Zucchanoush at your taste service. Zucchanoush is a creamy and dreamy vegan dip that has the blending of zucchini and tahini. You will love the taste and can use the spread with any type of snacks.

Vegan Food Recipes Easy: Creamy Roasted Squash Puree

Roasted squash can be extremely tasty. And when you are making the roasted butternut squash, you are in for taste burst. You can add the little extra sweetness by drizzling the maple syrup over it. In case you want to make a creamy puree, just roast it and smash.

Vegan Gravy

What is a vegan gravy! Yes, gravy can be vegan without any non-vegan options and can be great with many vegan and non-vegan food recipes. Every vegan knows how vegan gravy tastes, and it can make the non-vegan people also love it. The savory, mushroom-based sauce can be a real gem in a get together for sure. It may not look extremely good, but it can even win over other types of gravy when it comes to taste.

Vegan Food Recipes Easy: Chocolate Mendiants

What can be more fulfilling than making an easy chocolate-based recipe? You can customize these chocolate coins. These are just melted chocolate topped with what your heart feels like. You can use dairy-free chocolate as you want a vegan recipe. So, it becomes 100% vegan treat with the goodness and taste of chocolate.

Cucumber-Melon Soup

Cucumber-melon soup is a completely cold soup made with raw, blended cucumber and melon. You can add sweet honeydew for making this delicious vegan soup. Your heart will breathe relief as you gulp down the soup.

Vegan Food Recipes Easy: Grilled Asparagus With Shitake Tacos

Want to have a burst of taste in your mouth even when you are eating vegan food? Then this fully loaded, vegan taco dish is your dream snack for sure. After eating one, you will be craving for more for sure. Even the meat-lovers can’t deny the blending of flavors in the shitake tacos and grilled asparagus.

beginners vegan food recipes easy to make
Vegan Food Recipes Easy: 10 Easy Recipes For Beginners

Mushroom-Quinoa Burger

If you are looking for something, crunchy version of the vegan burger, mushroom-quinoa burger is the one. You might have seen or eaten those sad-looking frozen veggie patties. But this one will elevate your mood for sure. 

Vegan Food Recipes Easy: Vegan Caesar Dressing

For the vegans and anchovy haters, vegan Caesar dressing can be a classic dressing. You will want to make it your all-purpose drizzling for salads, veggies, and many more. Most importantly, it will love the taste, and it can change many people’s minds for vegan foods. After all, vegan foods can be tasty and healthy.

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