Vegan Fast Food Breakfast: 6 Foods To Recreate Or Eat On The Go

Vegan Fast Food Breakfast

As the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world in havoc, you are probably missing the busy on-the-go breakfast days. And along with the busy days, you must be missing the quick take away vegan breakfasts, right? But what if you can recreate your favorite vegan fast food breakfast at your home?

You will love to make some quick vegan breakfast or homemade brunch for yourself and your loved ones. When you can’t go outside, you can bring your favorite vegan fast food breakfast inside your kitchen. So, let’s look into some delicious vegan breakfasts across some top restaurants chains to recreate:

Vegan Fast Food Breakfast From Dunkin’

Are you longing for the sumptuous amount of Dunkin’s vegan breakfast on the run? Well, the busy roads are missing, but it doesn’t prevent a run the drive-thru for quickly changing the scenery. Why not get your Beyond Meat sandwich that you can order without eggs or cheese from Dunkin’s. Add your soy milk latter in the equation for delicious taste. Want to enjoy something mouth-watering like the old times? Order for the Beyond Breakfast Sausage patties and these patties are all vegan that add to your relief. So, now you can make your own fast-food breakfast at home and enjoy the comfort of the sofa.

Recreate vegan fast food breakfast
Vegan Fast Food Breakfast: 6 Foods To Recreate Or Eat On The Go


You are missing the taste and feel of the Starbucks along with the barista’s greetings, right? Yes, we all are. But let me share a secret, many Starbucks lobbies along with drive-thrus are open. So, if you have missed your Everything Bagels with the tasty Avocado spread along with non-dairy lattes, you are welcome.

Want to DIY your breakfast? You can opt for Trader Joes for packaged guacamole and tasty vegan bagels. For elevating the taste, why not use the “Everything But the Bagel” seasoning?

Vegan Fast Food Breakfast Of Jamba Juice

Did you use to grab the Mega Mango smoothie along with the Peanut Butter Banana Toast for breakfast? So, for your information, several outlets of Jumba Juice are open, and they are offering contactless delivery. Want to recreate the recipes at your home? You will find all the ingredients Jumba use on their website. So, it becomes quite easy to recreate those yummy breakfasts in your own kitchen. Slice up a banana, ready the Peanut Butter spread, before placing them over the top of your favorite vegan toast.

Burger King

Are you missing the vegan hash browns, oatmeal and French toast from Burger King? Who doesn’t love these quick options as the grab-and-go breakfast? At your home, you can make the vegan Croissan’wich sandwich. All you will need is the vegan crescent roll, like Annie’s Homegrown.

vegan fast food breakfast to make at home
Vegan Fast Food Breakfast: 6 Foods To Recreate Or Eat On The Go

Vegan Fast Food Breakfast From IHOP

Right now, IHOP is not offering any pancakes at this time. Of course, we love the vegan IHOP breakfasts like crispy hash browns with sautéed veggies and the avocados. So, as there are no options, let’s unleash your inner pancake house chef and make the vegan flapjacks. Definitely, a from-scratch recipe can be epic, but at your local grocer, there are great vegan mixes.

Taco Bell

Are you ready for the all-day vegan items from Taco Bell, including the breakfast hash browns? In case you are still craving and working for some fried potato comfort, then you can go to T-Bell at any time. In case you are at your new home office, then why not try your hands on some quick vegan breakfasts? You can DIY vegan breakfast like burritos, crunch wraps, and more. What about making hash browns, tofu scramble, VioLife cheese wrapped inside a warm tortilla, and beans? You will love it for sure.

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