Vegan Dinner Ideas You May Want To Explore

vegan dinner

If you have decided to go vegan and looking for some dinner ideas, look no more because we have just the list for you here. It’s time to discover delicious foods that exist without meat or any dairy products and help yourself along with the animals.

If you are switching to a vegan or going to have a vegan dinner first know everything about being vegan or vegan food. Vegan food mainly contains plants and foods made of plants like fruits, veggies, grains, and nuts. As the name suggests vegans don’t consume any kind of animal meat and foods made or come from animals like dairy products, eggs, meat.

The biggest question that comes is if you can get all nutrients that come from a dairy product or meat or not. The answer to this is yes. If you follow a proper vegan diet like some fruits, veggies every day with basic rice, bread, pasta (Made out of vegan grains) it will give all kinds of nutrients. Yes, you have to plan a proper diet else you will miss some essential nutrients. 

Plan Your Dinner

Vegan Dinner

When you are planning your vegan dinner you have to keep the nutrients factor to your mind.

Source of Vitamin D and Calcium

Vegan Dinner
  • Green leafy veggies
  •  Soya, rice, or oats drinks
  • Dried fruits like plums or resins
  •  Brown bread, Soya milk, tofu

Source of Vitamin B12

  • Cereals
  • Unsweetened soya
  • Yeast extract

Source of Iron

  • Wholemeal breads
  • Dark green veggies like broccoli, spring greens
  • Dried fruits like apricots, figs

Source of Protein

  • Chickpeas or other beans
  • Lentils
  • Tofu, Quinoa
  • Soya milk

Recipes for Vegan Dinner

Now you know the best sources for essential nutrients and it’s time to see some great recipes for your vegan dinner.

Noodles & tofu: What’s better than a bowl full of some vegan noodles tossed with some veggies? And for complementing your bowl of noodles have simply cooked tofu with salt & paper and soy sauce. It’s time to enjoy your Chinese dish!

Roasted cabbage with tomato and lentils: Roasted cabbage will give a crisp and sweetness. The caramelized outer leaves go best with some lentils. You can also serve freshly roasted potatoes with it.

Beetroot and red onion tart: Anyone there who hates tarts? This can be your favorite once you try it. If you still haven’t tried out today. Have some green salad with it to complement your tart.

Meatballs (Vegan): This variation of meatball is made with mushrooms, black beans and oats, and some soy sauce or tomato sauce as per your choice. Have the mouth-watering dish with pasta or bread.

Why Vegan

Some of you might still have the question of why you should switch to vegan. There are plenty of positives about it.

  • You are helping the animals in one of the best ways.
  • If you are trying to tone down your body, this is a great way.
  • Once you start to eat vegan food you will find they are delicious.
  • You will be helping to stop forced molting and breeding.


Meat is not everything. There is a pretty good amount of food without meat that you might find delicious. You now finally can eat healthier and work on your New Year resolution. But one important thing you have to take care of is vegan diet can vary from man to man. Figure the right diet for your vegan dinner and you are ready for a great dinner.

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