Vegan Dessert Recipe, Can Be Vegetarian or Vegan Classic

vegan desserts recipe

What would a Vegan Dessert Recipe be without vegan cream cheese, vegan chocolate or even sugar-free chocolate syrup? I always enjoy eating desserts without all the unhealthy ingredients and calories. So when I started looking for a Classic Vegan Dessert Recipe to make, I had to look at every option.

Veganism has become such a big thing over the last few years that restaurants; are starting to offer some more traditional comfort foods. So many people want to eat a great tasting dessert; but without all the calories and fat from butter, cream cheese and ice cream.

Veganized desserts may be the next step in offering classic Vegan Dessert Recipes that everyone enjoys. Traditional dessert recipes can be incredibly delicious but so heavy and dense that they have to be taken with a bowl of ice cream. By adding a bit of flavor and without the high amounts of calories; most people don’t mind sharing a slice of cake or an almond cake with a friend.

I love that many restaurants are offering Vegan Dessert Recipes that is light and airy like a pudding or a brownie, or they can even be made to look like a real cake by frosting it with a rich, ganache like the ones you see in bakeries. Now there is something for everyone.

Vegan cakes are very easy to make

Vegan cakes, cupcakes, tarts, muffins and breads are really easy to make with all-natural ingredients. Don’t have any flour, flour substitutes or baking powder?

You can find all-natural flour online or use fresh flours that you have in your home. Or use all-purpose flour or gluten-free flour. There are many vegan versions of all kinds of traditional desserts;including chocolate-dipped bananas, moist, decadent, Nutella, peanut butter cups, and dairy-free chocolate fudge.

Some of the Vegan Dessert Recipes are easy enough for kids to make. They can make cupcakes, mini-cakes, cookies and even punch sticks. You can even make them into paper or embellishments for crafts and gifts.

Some of the items can even be used to make food items that have gluten or wheat in them using all-natural ingredients like oatmeal, barley and applesauce. Gluten-free cookie cutters, chocolate chips, pretzels, sour cream and jell-o can be incorporated into the recipes.

You can still use all-natural ingredients that you love like old favorites like chocolates and bananas. Many of the more traditional Vegan Dessert Recipes can be used to create holiday-style treats such as chocolate covered strawberries, pumpkin pie, banana split, pumpkin cheesecake and frosted coffee cake. No matter what the occasion, you can create a delicious treat that everyone will love.

Desserts are savory

Desserts can be savory or sweet and can be prepared in the slow cooker, baking pan or microwave. Mixing the all-natural ingredients together makes it even easier.

Since so many people want to give up meat and dairy, there are even Vegan recipes that make any of those products taste like meat or dairy. If you don’t like a particular recipe then you can modify it by simply adding a bit of cashew butter, olive oil, water or vinegar.

When you make Vegan Dessert Recipes, you don’t have to worry about the ingredients because you are also helping the environment. By using all-natural ingredients and substituting eggs, cream cheese, butter and meat for unhealthy ingredients, you can really help the planet while still having some delicious vegan treats to enjoy!

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