Vegan Definition: Important Terminologies

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Some people have wrong perceptions about veganism and all things associated with it. Others make conclusions and judgment without knowing nothing and everything. As a result, vegans and their advocates seek to continuously educate the public. However, this is not necessarily to convince them to switch diet but to let them understand the set-up and the reasons behind their choices. For that reason, we decided to begin with the vegan definition.

Vegan Definition: Important Terminologies

To help everybody understand all things about this subject, we will help you go through everything by identifying the vegan definition and other terminologies.

Vegan Definition

As defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s website, a vegan is a strict vegetarian who consumes no food that comes from animals such as meat, eggs, or dairy products. This restriction extends towards not using leather as well.

Vegan Peace defines vegan as a word that specifically implies moral concerns for animals. This extends to more than just diet. Based on this definition, vegans do not wear furs, leathers, wool, silks, and go against circuses, zoos, animal testing, rodeos, and all other industry that abuses animals.

Other Vegan Related Terminologies


As defined by the International Vegetarian Union, veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. In dietary terms, it refers to the practice of rejecting all animal products, including meat, fish, poultry, animal milk, eggs, honey, and their derivatives.


As defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, vegetarian is a term used for a person who does not eat meat. This is for health or religious or moral reasons. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defined it as someone whose diet consists wholly of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and sometimes eggs or dairy products.

Strict Vegetarian

According to The Free Dictionary, a strict vegetarian is a vegetarian who consumed no animal products, including meat, fish, poultry, dairy foods, or eggs. Therefore, all foods consumed are plant-based, including fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, grain, and soy foods. Also, such diets, unless properly planned, may be inadequate in many essential nutrients, particularly vitamin B12.


The definition of fruitarian, according to Collins Dictionary, is a person whose diet comprises mainly or exclusively of fruit.

Raw Foodist

In an explanation posted on, a raw foodist is a person who consumes food not necessarily raw but unprocessed and with a temperature that has never reached above 116F or 47C.

Vegan Definition: Important Terminologies


As defined by Cambridge Dictionary, Lacto-vegetarian is a type of vegetarian who does not eat meat, fish, poultry, or eggs but does drink milk and eat some foods made from milk such as cheese.


Based on its definition published online by Cambridge Dictionary, it is a person who does not eat meat, fish, poultry, or dairy products but does eat eggs.

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian

Per the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition, a Lacto-ovo vegetarian is a type of vegetarian whose diet includes dairy products, eggs, vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts.

Vegan Definition: Important Terminologies


It is a person who eats plant-based foods and fish but no other meat, according to the Cambridge Dictionary.

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