Vegan Banana Bread (Healthy + Easy)

Vegan Banana Bread (Healthy + Easy)

The world has become fitness conscious nowadays. vegan banana bread is a healthy breakfast. People tray to maintain a healthy lifestyle; they do exercise; eat healthily, drink healthy, etc. This is mainly due to the modern lifestyle inflicted diseases that are very common in today’s world.

People have adopted a lifestyle that keeps them away from these diseases and problems. And to successfully do this, it is very important to eat healthily. As it is said that, health is made in the kitchen and not necessarily in the gyms. Our diet should be very healthy to lead a healthy life.

The junk stuff we eat today is the basic reason behind us becoming sick. We must eat a balanced diet which would help us to remain healthy. The body extracts all the necessary nutrients and vitamins from the food we consume to carry out its functions. So, we must have a healthy diet in order to remain fit.

One of such healthy food is the vegan banana bread. It is a healthy breakfast that will give your taste buds a delight that will cater to your body’s requirement of healthy food. As we all know, bananas are very nutritious and healthy, it will set you right for breakfast, and you will be full. This will ensure that you will not go for an unhealthy diet after a couple of hours after having your vegan banana bread for breakfast.

Vegan Banana Bread (Healthy + Easy)
Vegan Banana Bread (Healthy + Easy)

Vegan Banana Bread

This is healthy and at the same time, very easy to make. It is a vegan diet. You do not need any eggs for making this dish, just add a few bananas to your recipe and you are good to go. Adding some extra bananas will also cut down the amount of sugar you would need to make this dish as bananas are naturally sweet. You will need ripe bananas; the riper the bananas are, the lesser sugar would be needed. Of course, you can adjust the amount of sugar depending on your taste.

Fats Or No-Fats- Vegan Banana Bread

It is totally up to you if you would like butter for the preparation, or you can also go for the oil. You can use oil along with the unsweetened almond milk for making this dish. This will add more health to your vegan banana bread as almonds are also very healthy.


Add flour with the help of a spoon and not by measuring cups. You can adjust the amount of flour according to your taste and requirements.


You can add toppings according to your wish. You can add cinnamon, chocolate chips, or walnuts. This will provide for added flavors, which will soothe your taste buds.

Mixing The Batter

Do not over mix your prepared batter, this can lead to the elastic type of batter and will not be tasty.

Vegan Banana Bread (Healthy + Easy)
Vegan Banana Bread (Healthy + Easy)


Put the batter in a bowl and mix it. Put all the ingredients into this bowl and give it a stir, but remember the key to not over mix it.

Put the batter in a greased pan and put it in the oven and bake it for an hour.

Let the bread cool down, and it is now ready to be eaten. Have a healthy breakfast and life.

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