Types Of Cake Cutters

Types of Cake Cutters

When purchasing a cake cutter, there are a number of choices to consider. Some use simple designs with smooth surfaces, others have been designed for better gripping and additional features that make them easier to use. Whatever you decide you can be sure it will be useful. The following are tips on the best styles of cake cutting tools.

Classic – It has a smooth, traditional style and the handle is contoured for better gripping. The cap is usually made of metal or plastic with an integrated handle. Some styles also include a wide base that allows for placement under countertops. Some styles are even built for single-serving applications. This is the best choice for anyone who wants a less complex style of cutter with a smooth, sturdy base.

Types of Cake Cutters
Types Of Cake Cutters


It is similar to the traditional style, but its shallow side makes it more convenient for wet work. Its full rounded shape also makes it easier to fit into tight areas. Some models include a thermometer as well. Thermometers are helpful in cooking cakes with high moisture content.


A peek-a-boo style is more like the traditional styles but with a streamlined design that is easy to handle. It comes with two handles, the basic one and a flexible handle. One side has raised grooves that allow for smooth and easy baking and the other side has grooves that help when slicing your creations. This style is designed for easy cleanup and greater storage.


This is a smaller version of the classic style that can also serve multiple purposes. The name is very specific and describes the style. They come in many different shapes and sizes, some of which can be used for several uses. Their handle is flat and the blade can be used to cut three layers of cupcakes or just one layer.

Mini Circular

These are smaller versions of the classic designs and are perfect for cutting individual slices of cake. The blade is designed for work with smaller circles. A wider blade is sometimes included for even more precision. These cutters are made from a variety of materials including plastic, metal, and glass.


Like the term indicates, it is a plunger that can be used for decorating and in the preparation of desserts. They are constructed to create a clean-cut, so you can easily remove the excess for cleaning. The blades are angled and are often shaped with rounded ends that make for a smooth cut. One reason they are used for prepping and decorating baked goods is because of their ability to give a sharp, clean cut.


This is a fun craft that you can do with your kids. Many people enjoy doing this for crafts and other such activities that come to mind. The cake cutters are easier to use with this style because the blade is angled so you get a very clean cut.


The flat edges of this cutter allows it to create a crisp edge on your slices. The handle is more curved and gives a more casual appearance when used to slice your cake. The blades are rounded and provide a smoother cutting surface.


This style is more utilitarian and very practical. This style of cutter comes with a straight handle and a standard side. They are used for those who need a straight edge and not for decorative purposes.

Types of Cake Cutters
Types Of Cake Cutters


This style has a flat top for those who like to add interesting designs. The handle is smooth and round. Some of the straight and curved blades are available, so you have different options when you buy a cake cutter. If you want a certain type, make sure you know what you want before you purchase one.

Choosing a cake cutter can be difficult because there are so many styles. Before you make a decision on which style to choose, check out the reviews and choose based on the comments of what you see in people’s opinions.

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