Try Barbeque With Marinated Vegetables


Know the BBQ tricks with the Marinated Vegetables. To start with, do not marinate the vegetable before cooking. Keep this activity for the end. Do the marination part, once the vegetables get cooked, they will absorb the flavors beautifully. Try different herbs and spices in BBQ, you will love the flavor of marinated vegetables in it, and will get the taste like a homemade antipasto.

Try Barbeque With Marinated Vegetables
Try Barbeque With Marinated Vegetables

BBQ Veggies

Prepare the BBQ, with such vegetable flavor that will make you enjoy the dish. Keep the marination process for later, as the vegetables will absorb the flavors and will give you the authentic taste.3

Try Barbeque With Marinated Vegetables
Try Barbeque With Marinated Vegetables

Beat Grilling Vegetables: Marinated Vegetables

You can try out every vegetable for grilling, except the leafy vegetables. However, you can use vibrant color vegetables too in the process. You can quickly cook the vegetables on the grill. Try grilling such vegetables that will give you an authentic taste. Blend the vegetables with such herbs that can make your evening the best BBQ evenings.

Cut Vegetables Big: Marinated Vegetables

The most important thing to keep in mind is for grilling vegetables; you need to cut them big so that it grills quickly. Grilling smaller portions can spoil your whole dish, and can spoil your evening too. So always take a big portion of vegetables. You can grill jumbo prawns as well. With the mix of herbs and proper marination, your prawns will come out tastier than ever before. It is difficult to play with the small pieces of prawns as it will spoil your whole dish. Grilling big pieces can help you get the better flavor of the dish.


For grilling a dish, the essential thing is marination. It will help if you marinate your dish really well. The flavors of different spices must get absorb in the vegetable such that when cooked, they give the authentic taste to your tongue. The marination ingredients must be include lemon, curd, and blend of different spices and herbs too. Afterall your marination mixture will serve you the best taste. You need to put some olive oil in the marination process as well. The main tip of marination is to marinade the hot cooked vegetables. It will absorb the rich flavors in it.

How To Serve

Serve your marinade vegetables on the cheese board with the platter dish.
You can also serve with the grilled vegetable salad.
Serve the marinade vegetables with the grilled chicken. You and your guest will love the flavors.

You can also serve with the omelet. 

There are certain vegetables that are best for grilling. Onions, zucchini, bell peppers are part of the list. All can give you a BBQ dish flavor. To get the rich flavors out, you need to grill the vegies for almost eight to ten minutes. The vegetables will change there color. The next step is to marinate the vegetables. Prepare your marinade bowl beforehand. All these steps together will make you a BBQ dish. Add proper ingredients and serve the guest and enjoy the best flavor of the BBQ dish.