Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Top 50 vegan kitchen utensils are what we’ve been wanting you to dip your salad in. Everything in our favorite vegan kitchenware list is specifically tailored to help you cook dishes in comfort, style and with many conveniences.

Preparing healthy eats shouldn’t have to be like solving a thousand-piece puzzle. It shouldn’t be daunting and confusing. Let’s second that. It isn’t. Having little experience with this type of cuisine shouldn’t stop you in your tracks.

The unknown, once known, will loosen your inhibitions for food preparations that are a joy to master.

And no, we’re not trying to be profound. Or maybe… we are? In our average ears, that sounded deep, y’all. But it’s true. If you’re new to cooking in this manner, a lot of trial and error is required. As in all challenges that are new.

Be a master indeed of veganism and be encouraged as you go through our post.

Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils: Understanding. The First Step

There seems to be some confusion with the words Vegan and Vegetarian. They both start with the same letter. They both pertain to eating specific food items and excluding a few others. However, they are different. Being Vegan and being Vegetarian.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

The similarity begins and ends with how people who’ve chosen to follow these lifestyles have a whole lotta love… love for greens, that is. One of the main focuses of Veganism and Vegetarianism is to partake in healthy meals and in that way create healthy eating habits. Then, the similarity ends there.

Vegetarianism is a way of life where a person, copying the description above, eats vegetables and fruits. Yet, there are categories. Meat, poultry, fish, and dairy being the divisors. We won’t get into detail but for a summary, there are vegetarians who include one or more of these items.

Veganism, on the other hand, is the abstinence from any product that’s from any animal. Notice the word “any”? That’s why a Vegan is dissimilar from a Vegetarian. Completely no meat, poultry, fish or dairy. That’s not only. We’re not only talking about food but about inedible products as well.

For those at the starting line, the shift is definitely going to shake your comfort zone. But it’s all good. By shifting a step after another, you’ll get the hang of it until before you know it, you’ve altered your lifestyle for the better.

Here now are our top 10 vegan kitchen utensils that will accompany you on your Vegan journey.

Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils:

1. Stainless Steel Vegetable And Fruit Peeler

Peelers can be nasty. Okay. This is clearly an exaggeration but we’re hoping you know what we mean. There are peelers that, at first, work well. However, after using them repeatedly, they suddenly lose their accuracy. You go over an area of fruit or vegetables more than once. And this causes you to put in more time and effort than you should.

Of course, Vegan cuisine warranties time and effort. We’ll recant that. All cuisine warrant time and effort. On a side note, preparing ingredients for your Vegan meal shouldn’t be a hassle.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

With the stainless steel vegetable and fruit peeler, it certainly won’t be. Its rustproof blade offers cuts that peel cleanly even if you let it glide over no more than once. What’s more, this isn’t your ordinary peeler.

It has a ridged edge so that each stroke presents you with spaghetti-like strands of fruits and vegetables. Adding a unique touch to your dishes? Here’s a unique method to do so.

2. Lunch Box For Kids

Nutritionists and other health experts have revealed that preparing meals at home is a way to eat healthier. You’ve probably heard about this fact before. The reason behind it is that at home, you’re able to monitor the ingredients you use, unlike when you purchase a meal from outside.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

And with your children’s meals, this reminder should be at the forefront. You can prepare healthy eats for them. Eats that they can take with them to school, to their extracurricular lessons, and anywhere else. This lunch box for kids has a divider that will allow food distribution.

Not only will this give you room to create meals that have variety, but it also stops food items from mixing together. Mixing often leads to a faster spoilage rate. Thus, this simple kind of “food division” lets food itself stay fresh for longer.

3. Durable Handheld Kitchen Food Blender

Saving as much time as you can is always the goal. With the durable handheld kitchen food blender, this goal can be met every time you’re in the kitchen doing your thing. You can manually grind and break ingredients down to a pulp. If you’re breaking them down to pulp to make a paste or a sauce, you’ll find this handheld blender very effective.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Its mechanism needs you to merely tug on the handle that’s connected to the rotating blade with a specialized string and the said blade will rotate on its own. We’re talking multiple rotations per second. This means that the kind of “blending” is completely up to.

Tug on the handle more and the veggies will appear mashed. Tug on the handle a few times and you’ll get veggies that are slightly cut. You decided based on how you want to do it.

4. Colored Silicone Garlic Peeler

Chopping garlic, it isn’t Rocket Science or any other cliché you can think of that will mean the same. Remove its thinner-than-paper skin and dice away. Crushing can be done with a knife, too. But if you’re like us, we’re sure you’re the type who likes doing things at a certain pace. And that pace is “fast.”

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Therefore, manually chopping the blood pressure and cholesterol level-reducing vegetable could get in the way of your chop-chop speed in moving (See what we did there? Chop-chop?). The colored silicone garlic peeler will grind garlic with swift and few motions.

Insert the garlic in the chute and close the chute with the cover/handle. Move this cover/handle up and down, or left and right, according to how you’re holding the tool with your other hand. This process will let the garlic be grated automatically.

5. Adjustable Vegetable And Fruit Drainer

You can never underestimate and undermine washing fruits vegetables. You should never. Washing nature’s natural green leafies are an important part of meal preparation. It might not seem as important as the actual cooking of food. Be that as it may, this is a step to be taken. Always.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Washing leads to the removal of dirt and bacteria. People have the notion that cooking, because of the heat to be used, will kill bacteria. Still, washing is the pawn that wipes out the first layer of germs and other microorganisms. Thus, allowing for cleaner fruits or veggies for you and the fam.

Thinking it’s a hassle? Not anymore with the adjustable vegetable and fruit drainer. Its handles can be pulled horizontally to extend this drainer until it fits the size of your sink (It’s extended size is has a universal measurement that fits most sink sizes). You can lay it right underneath the faucet. This way, you’ll be able to wash away those greens with both hands, with ease.

6. Handheld Food Vacuum Sealer.

Say no to food wastage. This is a problem that, according to studies, has been worsening over the past decade. Wasting food is no joke. Some have the notion that they can afford to do so. Or that they don’t do it on purpose.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

A basis why food gets thrown away, one of them anyway, is that they spoil. When spoilage happens, there’s nothing and no way of going about it. The handheld food vacuum sealer will preserve eats longer. It has the capability of taking away air from the sealed item.

Air, exposure to oxygen, is a major cause of spoilage. Once oxygen is removed from the picture, fresh produce, snacks, and meat can be preserved and kept on the opposite end of stale.

7. 1 Pc Rotary Scraper

Scrapping out food, especially when they’re grated and are in tiny pieces, are tough to get out of a mixer, a barrel or a pot effortlessly. In fact, a lot of effort is needed to scrape them out completely, without leaving bits stuck to the base and the sides of your kitchenware.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Here’s another time-saver for you. The 1 –piece rotary scraper. It has a curve-shaped top that makes for a convenience maneuvering inside circular containers. Those ground ingredients that stick to the pot, this utensil can get them out quickly.

Plus, it’s got a long handle that provides a stress-free reaching-the-bottom-of-the-barrel (so to speak). Let this rotary scraper do the scraping work for you.

8. Long Handle Scoop Spatula For Soup Straining

Ever heard of this before? The long handle scoop spatula for soup straining? It’s not a spatula. It’s not a strainer. What is it then? It’s both.  That’s right. This utensil’s a scoop spatula AND it works as a strainer as well.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

This spatula/strainer is perfect for using when scooping out soup, or for scooping out the ingredients inside the soup without filling it with, well… soup. Do you know what we mean? Sometimes, your bowl is already filled with the hot liquid and is in need of those yummy veggies at the bottom of the casserole.

Instead of accidentally crushing them by forcefully trying to scoop them out with a regular spatula, this long handle scoop spatula for soup straining will help you with that.

9. Stainless Steel Finger Guard Kitchen Tool

Handling the knife with caution. This is a definite “must.” You cannot be carefree when it comes to sharp kitchen utensils. Let alone with knives. Even if you’re already very much adept in using it, you still need to be as careful as you can be.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Alternately, there are occurrences that happen even when we’re already careful. Accidentally cutting your finger is an example. And a method to avoid this from happening again is to protect your fingers with the stainless steel finger guard kitchen tool.

Insert your index, middle and ring finger in this instrument, your other hand holding the knife. You’ll be able to cut vegetables quickly, in different motions. And if the blade gets too close to your fingers, the latter will be protected with this finger guard kitchen tool.

10. Stainless Steel Manual Lemon Squeezer

You will have noticed that a lot of the items here are made of stainless steel. That’s because for kitchenware that usually has to be sharp (i.e. cutting tools) should be corrosion and rust-resistant. And stainless steel is the material that fights against corrosion and rust.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

This stainless steel manual lemon squeezer has those qualities. Its cylinder has spikes that provide you with ease in drilling it into lemons. A couple of clockwise or counterclockwise turning of this squeezer and it will have already juiced the fruit out. Finally, because this cylinder also works as a funnel, you can pour out the juice into a glass… just like that.

11. Japanese Portable Kids Lunch Box

There’s a trend, nay, a need that’s finally getting the attention it deserves when it comes to kids’ meals. Especially so when they’re not at home. Artificial and junk food seem to be prevalent anywhere, even in schools.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

But with the Japanese portable kids’ lunch box, you’ll be able to prepare healthy meals. These meals, you can separate according to food item type with its divider. No room for food mixing. Plus, this portable container is leak-proof.

12. Walnut Chopping Board

A good chopping board is what you’ll want if you’re serious about upping your cooking skills. And we’re sure you are. The very reason why you’re on sites like ours (for which we’re grateful). The key reminder is to think “long-term.”

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

You’ll want utensils that are hardwearing. In this way, you’ll say time and money replacing them every so often. This, you can do with the walnut chopping board. Its high-quality, strengthened and smooth finish are a favorite amongst cooking enthusiasts.

13. Traditional Handmade Iron Wok Cooking Pan

Ther’s no use in buying cheap yet flimsy, easily worn-down frying pans. Invest in ones that will last longer and are durable to handle any kind of dish quantity. Don’t look elsewhere. We’ve got the traditional handmade iron wok cooking pan for you.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Manufactured with pure iron, you can immediately tell the difference. This cooking wok pan has a level of durability you won’t find in ordinary ones. It can definitely stand the test of time, to be cliché about it. But very true. Similarly, its handle is made with sturdy beechwood.

14. Transparent Plastic 6-Grid Seasoning Container

It’s about organization and function, isn’t it? At least, that should be among our criteria when looking for items to add to your kitchenware. The same is true with spices. They should be in a convenient space. Easy to get to and distinguish from one another.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

The transparent plastic 6-grid seasoning container is how to do it. They have a clear, sturdy plastic make. For this cause, you can conveniently pick out which spice you want to use for your dish. And they can be stacked neatly, side by side, in the base container.

15. Japanese Damascus Chef’s Knife

The ideal cutting tool is what you should vie for in cutlery. It’s about precision, sharpness, and how long it can stay that way after repeated use. On #15, the Japanese Damascus chef’s knife is something even professionals want their hands on.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Ancient sword-making and sharpening techniques were applied in manufacturing this 69-layered VG10 Damascus blade. It’s corrosion and rust-resistant. The ultimate steel core that’s cutting edge for its kind. Wordplay there. Sharpened to as close to perfection.

16. Stainless Steel Handheld Milk Foam Maker

Stirring manually might not be enough to let that froth rise. In fact, it isn’t. Notice how, in cafes, they have barista machines that automatically give your cappuccino those cloud-like white whisps on top. Guess what? You don’t need a barista machine in your home.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

All you’ll need is the stainless steel handheld milk foam maker. With a push of a button, its whisk head will, well, whisk away in quick rotating motions. That’s a speed of 13,000rmp to 15,000pm. Your hot drink with froth quicker than you might imagine.

17. Silicone Food Storage Container

Storing fresh produce is more important than some people tend to think. True, you have the refrigerator for that. However, if you want to keep them staying and looking fresh for longer, have them wilt out longer… try the silicone food storage container.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Think Ziploc but for more durable and can be used repeatedly whilst maintaining its quality. These silicone food storage bags are 100% leak-proof once sealed. And that seal is dual-locked. Fresh and natural eats can be kept and taken out again for when you feel like having a munch of nature’s edibles.

18. Silicone Kitchen Tools Cooking Set

When cooking, you’ll want utensils that can withstand heat. At the same time, their handles should provide safeguarding against it, so as not to scorch your hands. Take a peek at this silicone kitchen tools cooking set.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Their base scoopers and spatulas are made of silicone rubber. Thus, they’re tough against high temperatures. In contrast, their handles are made of elegant and sturdy wood for ease of holding when in use.

19. Silicone Ice Cube Mold

Silicone is getting the spotlight for being a lightweight material that is able to resist hot and cold temperatures. And is flexible and anti-corrosive. The same properties found in the silicone ice cube mold.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

An easier and cleaner way to make ice. Unlike regular plastic, its silicone material allows ice to be removed from this mold quicker than it others. Additionally, we’re talking about slow melting for ice cubes that’ll add that kick to your drinks.

20. Stainless Steel Cheese And Butter Slicer

Cheese and butter are among those ingredients that are fragile and need much care when handling them. If you’re not careful, slicing using an ordinary knife could squash it. Or slice it with uneven sides. But not with the stainless steel cheese and butter slicer.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

It’s the ideal piece of equipment for slicing dairy products with precision. And without ruining their form. Consequently, it can also be used for cutting small pieces of vegetables. An alternative to manually cutting with knives.

21. Soda Upside Down Bottle Dripper

There’s an equipment that’ll offer you a quicker and more convenient manner of pouring you and your family soda. Or any other drink, for that matter. The soda upside-down bottle dripper. A simple device that’ll blow your mind.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

An ABS/ TPR manufactured dispenser that will assist with making heavy bottles easy to access. Simply lay the bottle on this contraption and pour your drink through the faucet tap accordingly. No more heavy-lifting each time you want a drink. Literally.

22. Silicone Pot Scraper

Teflon and other ceramic surfaces that are non-stick are usually sensitive against specific utensils. Hence, you might have noticed that these said non-stick pots and pans have specific spatulas and whatnot to accompany them.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

That said, don’t damage those pans in your kitchen by using abrasive utensils in scraping out food from them. Use the silicone pot scraper instead. Its scraper is of a silica gel component, it won’t scratch the surface of your pans and pots.

23. Stainless Steel Creative Portable Meatballs Mold

Thinking about making meatballs for your famous red-sauce spaghetti? Experimenting with a meatball dish for dinner? You can shape ground meat without hassles with a simple utensil. The stainless steel creative portable meatballs mold.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Its tong-like holder has scooper-molds on its ends. You can scrape the ground meat mix you’ve created, hold clamp the mold together. Just like, you’ve got meatballs DIY. It’s a faster way to have that ball-shape, which you can use even with other food items like fruits such as watermelons.

24. Stainless Steel Chopper Slicer Cutter Cooking Tool

Mincing vegetables and slicing them in tiny pieces for your next cuisine a la you? Too bored with using an ordinary kitchen to accomplish the work? There’s a cutting tool that you’ll want within your reach. The stainless steel chopper slicer cutter cooking tool.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

It’s a handheld utensil that has 360-degree rotating blades. No cutting motion needed from you. Just roll this slicer on top of the vegetables you want to be sliced. Just like that, they’ll be minced in a few rolls.

25. Stainless Steel Cut Egg Slicer

Eggs. Tough because of their shell. Fragile once that shell’s cracked. And when you’re slicing through them, you always need to be careful that you don’t squash the whole thing. Or that you cut it evenly. Well, you won’t have to make egg-cutting so complicated.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

The stainless steel cut egg slicer will simplify it for you. Made from ABS plastic as its base and stainless steel which are in a form of tiny grills, one pull of the lever and you’ve got perfectly length-sliced eggs. In addition, you can use this tiny hand tool for small fruits and vegetables, too.

26. Pull String Food Chopper And Mixer

You might have seen this in an ad somewhere online. Pull string slicers are all the rage these days. And we’re not contesting that. Rather, what we’d like for you to see is why this particular chopper’s the one to beat.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

The pull string food chopper and mixer not only has a rotator. It has 3 other blades to choose from. You can pick the type that you feel like will add the right vegetable cuts to what you’re cooking. They’re super convenient to switch, install and uninstall.

27. Rectangular Ceramic Bowl With Hand-Drawn Design

There’s something hand-made, hand-drawn utensils that give off that novelty. That uniqueness. For #27, you’ll realize that this is true with the rectangular ceramic bowl with hand-drawn designs. Take a glance at these elegant prints and you’ll fall in love.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

These ceramic bowls were crafted carefully by hand. Even better, they’re safe-glazed and non-toxic. Thus, are not hazardous to edibles. Above all, they have a smooth finish that isn’t quick to fade, for easy washing and storing.

28. Silicone Dish Drain Mat

How about a more eco-friendly, efficient tool to make dish draining and drying quick and effortless? Or is it frustrating to notice that your dishrack just doesn’t have an ergonomic design for the various dishware you own?

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Have a go at this silicone dish drain mat. Its ridged surface acts as tiny receptacles for water so it doesn’t overflow on the kitchen counter. Moreover, once the dishes are dry and ready to put back in the cupboard, you can roll this dish drain mat for a clean and neat kitchen space.

29. Rubber Japanese Wood Plates Round, Rectangle, Square, Oval

Going natural with furniture and kitchen utensils isn’t only so that we can put in our share of saving the planet. It’s also a charming addition to your space. Wood and all things organic have a way of giving a room that serene and one-with-nature type of vibe. 

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

More importantly, this set of rubber Japanese wood plates in shapes that are round, rectangle, oval and square have a strong and resilient make. Due to their stain-resistance feature, they’re easy to maintain. Their quality, easy to retain as well.

30. Reusable Non-Stick Foil Gas Range Stovetop Protector

Caring for your gas burner or stovetop should be among your to-dos when cleaning up the kitchen. It’s the thing that needs attention and yet most of us don’t seem to mind it collecting dust and food grime.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

To help you out, the reusable non-stick foil gas range stovetop burner cooker protector can shield against these agents. It is able to “catch” dirt. As a result, you can wipe stains off it, no mess. And hence, you will have an easier time cleaning the stove.

31. Non-Stick Copper Frying Pan With Ceramic Coating

For cooking enthusiasts, there’s a rush and excitement to making dishes. But getting those stains and grime off your pans and pots is no joke. It takes time, or wastes it. And it can be quite frustrating that you have to use a steel brush over and over to bring back that silver tone on said kitchenware.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Not with the non-stick copper frying pan with ceramic coating. Food items don’t stick to its surface, unlike other ordinary pans. In fact, you won’t even need to cook with oil as ingredients can be effortlessly lifted from it. No stains.

32. Non-Stick Metal Pizza Baking Pan

A pizza fan, are you? So are we! Only, it’s always in our schedule (or budget, for fancier places) to constantly visit our favorite pizza places. Well, you can create your own pizza, add your own toppings and flavors in the comfort of your own home!

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

The non-stick metal pizza baking pan is the kitchenware to have for your pizza baking needs. Its non-stick surface will offer you a hassle-free manner of lifting the dough off it. No extra pieces sticking to the pan. In consequence, it’s uncomplicated to wash after usage.

33. Plastic Silicone Reusable Food Cover

Storing your perishable edibles should be a breeze. And it can be. With the plastic silicone reusable food cover. Sure, there are food covers that come in a roll? Do you know what we mean? However, it’s tedious to get the sheet off and just as tedious to spread it out because those easily crumple.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

You won’t have these problems with the plastic silicone reusable food cover. It has a stretchable, silicone material that fits most universally sized bowls and pots. Plus, they stick to the surface as an instant seal, if we may say so.

34. Plastic Pot Funnel Strainers

Draining water from pots (and bowls) when you’re washing fruits and vegetables can now be trouble-free with the plastic pot funnel strainers. You won’t have to transfer the edibles one by one to another container just to get them out of the water. You won’t have to use your hand or any other object as a strainer.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

These plastic pot funnel strainers have a clip-on mechanism that holds them in place on the rim of a pot. Tilt and let water be strained just like that. After, unclip them and have them ready for when you need them again.

35. Plastic Tofu Press Mold

Want to try to make your own tofu at home? Why not! It’s possible and it’s not as complicated as you imagine it to be. Most noteworthy, you’ll find the process quite simple yet fun with the plastic tofu press mold.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Its food-grade plastic is shaped in a rectangular form with dents on its base for straining. This provides you with a 2-in-1 utensil. It’s a mold and a strainer at the same time.

36. Portable Plastic Bag Sealer

Let those opened bags of chips, cookies, chocolates and more be reseated to maintain their freshness. Reseal? Yup. You got it. With the portable plastic bag sealer.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

It’s handy and grip-friendly, you’ll find it quite delightful to utilize this sealing equipment. Simply run the edge of a plastic bag in between this tiny but efficient gadget and watch it be re-sealed like new.

37. Potato Spiral Cutter Slicer

You’ve seen them in street food and other outlets that sell these fried potato wonders. The potatoes themselves are presented on a stick, in a spiral form. Guess what? You can have these fried wonders DIY through the potato spiral cutter slicer.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

This utensil is manually maneuvered to poke through, shape, and cut a potato so that its outcome becomes this long squiggly, fun-to-eat and look-at skewered potato. You can have it on its own, or wrapped around other long-shaped eats.

38. Portable Kitchen Electric Hand Whisk

A handheld battery-operated gadget that can do your work of whisking twice faster than average, or more. The portable kitchen electric hand whisk. Beating eggs, stirring coffee, frothing milk, the list goes on. This device can do it all.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

What you’ll like about this is that all you have to do is push the button and its whisk will stir away in speedy rotations. You won’t need to do anything else but hold the device and press stop when you need to.

39. Multifunction LCD Digital Kitchen Cooking Timer

Temperature is significant when cooking. Ingredients and their measurements, too. The third? Time. The time it takes for so and so dish to cook, boil, steam or bake. Thirty seconds too long on the stove and it could immediately change the consistency of your dish.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Due to this, it’s wise to have the multifunction LCD digital kitchen cooking timer next to you when you’re making magic with your spatula and pans. They’re powered by AAA batteries and has a timer you can adjust from the hour, the minute, down to the second.

40. Multifunctional Food Slicer Strainer

Save on time when chopping and slicing those green leafy items and other veggies. Have a more efficient method of doing the same amount of work for half the time. This, you can accomplish with the multifunctional food slicer strainer.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

This package includes 7 different blades that vary in design, for creativity and variety in slices. What’s more, if you’re done with slicing, it can be utilized as a strainer for washing fruits and vegetables. Also, its base acts as a separate food bowl or container.

41. Multipurpose Revolving Grater

Get excited with the multipurpose revolving grater. Not only will it let you sweat less by doing less of the grating work, but its blades also rotate, which increases its efficiency in mincing and grating those eats.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

No more manually grinding a grater over cheese or any other eats. Simply insert it in this device’s chute, rotate its handle, and there you go. Grated and ground edibles for your cooking needs.

42. Multipurpose Silicone Food Brushes

Adding a spread of BBQ sauce to those slabs of meat? Wanting to spread more oil over what you’re cooking, for that extra sizzle? Pouring won’t do the trick. Pouring your liquid ingredient will require intense control from your end and a mistake will litter the entire dish in a stew instead of dashes of it.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

The multipurpose silicone food brushes are the most practical kitchen aid to have. Its silicone material means that it can withstand heat. Furthermore, its bristled end will assist you in gliding sauce and oil over your cooking.

43. Natural Black Western Slate Stone Dishes

Let your dining experiences at home be unique and special. Have those nights where either breakfast, lunch or dinner are close to a 5-star hotel vibe. Spice it up a little bit at home with food and how it’s presented to the fam.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

These natural black western slate stone dishes will provide that dose of luxury and elegance to any dining table. Because of its ebony slate stone plate, it has an appeal that you won’t find in another ordinary dishware.

44. New Multi-Functional Filter Spoon Spatula With Clip

Here’s an innovation on spatulas that’ll make you want to grab one, or more, and hang them in your kitchen to use immediately. The new multi-functional filter spoon spatula with a clip is an extraordinary invention that’ll make cooking so much easier.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

It has an attached strainer. One, it has a large scooper for large ingredients. Two, the other end of this tong-like utensil is netted, to stain out oil and soup.

45. Mini Food Dehydrator Machine

Maybe you’re contemplating doing this as a business. Dehydrating fruits and vegetables that have been dipped in your special sauce or marinade. Or as is. Then, you will repack them to sell. Either that or maybe you’re contemplating on making healthy chips out of nature’s eats for the family.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

The mini food dehydrator machine is a piece of user-friendly equipment for dehydrating fruits and vegetables, without ruining their original look, color and make. It’s got 5 layers. More room for your edibles to lay on.

This machine has a ventilation cover and a bottom vent to keep the aroma in. It also anti-slip surfaces so those nature’s eats stay in place.

46. Manual Seasoning Grinders Kitchen Tool

Season your meals in a convenient and neat way with these manual seasoning grinders. The kitchen tools that you’ll be using more often than you’d think.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

These seasoning containers keep the air out so that what’s inside is kept from moisture. Additionally, they work as grinders for larger bits such as peppercorn and more.

47. Large Spoon Kitchen Strainer

Sometimes, what we need is a large enough spatula for larger ingredients in a casserole. Or a larger one for frying rolls, fries, chicken, you name it. There’s a spatula that has the size you’ll want. Similarly, it’s a strainer, too.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

The large spoon kitchen strainer is made of PP so that it is hardwearing and able to stay sturdy in high temperature. A lightweight tool that you’ll find easy to use, and easy to wash after.

48. Long-Handled Stainless Steel Spoon

Stainless steel is an excellent material in terms of cutlery and kitchenware. The reason is that it is tough against rusting and aging. And are very durable despite repeated use. This is true with this set of long-handled stainless steel spoons.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Collect them all and add them to your dining ware. Have that constant, brilliant silver shine that won’t fade away even in time. Wash after washing, its aesthetic remains gorgeous because of its scratch-proof surface.

49. Hand-Forged Chef Knife

Sharp blades on your knives? Good. They need constant sharpening every now and then? That’s alright. But more so than normal? Not okay. This is where the hand-forged chef knife makes its way as the cutlery to own.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Its carbon steel blade has a smooth finish and a sharpness that can cut through thick ingredients without you having to use so much force on it. Most noteworthy is its mirk wood handle that does not absorb moisture and is mold and corrosion-resistant.

50. Kitchen Baking Oil Cooking Spray

Having to pour oil from its bottle is a way of getting it onto the pan. Still, it’s not the best way. There’s a risk of pouring too much because bottle openings are too wide for the oil amount to be easily controlled.

Healthy Cooking Galore: Top 50 Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Instead, transfer that cooking oil from its original bottle to this kitchen baking oil cooking spray container. It’s a controlled manner of adding oil to what you’re cooking. And it doesn’t require instruction. Press, hold down and spray. Repeat.

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