Raw Vegan Diet – Things You Should Know

A vegan diet is all about the intake of foods and drinks that exclude all that came from any animals, in short, a diet that purely relies on plants and its by-products only. The raw vegan diet is within the vegan lifestyle. Is this about consuming plant-based food without undergoing the cooking process?

Raw Vegan Diet – Things You Should Know

This diet is all about intake of plant-based foods that are either completely raw or warmed at temperatures below 104 to 118F only. As expected, this type of diet involves vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and less of the processed foods that are prepared in cans and easy-to-go packs.

The Concept of Raw Vegan Diet

Why do some vegans need to be hard on themselves by not only limiting their diet to plant-based sources but by also taking it raw? Raw vegan diet enthusiasts believe that raw foods are more nutritious than cooked and processed meals.

The other food preparation process that raw vegans resort to instead of cooking are blending, juicing, soaking, and dehydrating.

Raw Vegan Diet Benefits

This diet associates many health benefits. This is because eating raw can give you full and untarnished nutrition.

Since consumption of food will primarily revolve around fruits and vegetables, it is expected for the consumer to have reduced risk of heart diseases, as well as lower blood pressures. Other food raw food sources such as seeds and nuts are associated with lower blood cholesterol levels.

Raw Vegan Diet – Things You Should Know

Fruits and vegetables are good sources of fiber. Similarly, it is a pretty basic knowledge that this nutrient is associated with lower blood sugar levels. Fiber triggers increased insulin sensitivity also, which in turn may reduce the risk of having diabetes. Improved digestion is likely to be expected because such food sources are high in soluble and insoluble fibers that help in reducing constipation and promotes good bacteria in your intestines.

Those who seek to lose weight may also find the raw vegan diet beneficial on their end because consuming plant-based food means a lower amount of body fat too.

Raw Vegan Diet Potential Risks

Complying to a specific kind of diet always entails proper planning. If not, it may post potential health risks due to nutrition imbalance. It is essential to know if your planned diet or meals for each day will provide the needed macro and micronutrients needed by the body to sustain and maintain its function. Make sure to take food supplements to cover other vitamins and minerals that are not common to your primary diet.

Raw Vegan Diet – Things You Should Know

Since there’s a limited food source, Calcium and Vitamin D will also be scarce. This may result in weak bones and muscles. Studies show that people who are into a natural vegan diet had a low bone density as well as mineral content too.

Lastly, being exposed to a variety of fruits, especially to citrus fruits and berries may possibly cause tooth decay. It is primarily due to fruit acids that are likely to cause enamel erosion of your tooth.

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