The Vegetable Blender: A Mini Electric Device

The vegetable blender is one of the most common kitchen appliances used throughout the world. Many blender owners use the device for making juices, shakes, smoothies, sauces, and for grinding spices for preparing dishes.

After a long history with various developments and modifications, the electric blender is now in many kitchens. Many today cannot imagine a kitchen without a blender. In fact, some would be amazed to know where and how the blender started.

A Short History Of The Blender

A man named Stephen Poplawski of Racine, Wisconsin, owner of the Stevens Electric Company, invented the blender in 1922. As he wanted to mix fruits and malts with milkshakes automatically, he fixed a blade in a container base a motor and a switch.

This emerging innovation inspired the invention of a fractional horsepower motor, which helped Stephen get a patent in 1932.

Different Container Types

The containers used for blenders included glass, steel, and plastics. Before long, many found glass containers as more preferable. Millions were sold in the following years. However, manufacturers are now using plastics because of the current speed capabilities of blenders.

Three Distinctive Features

You can choose from three distinctive units in the market according to your needs in preparing shakes, drinks, or food.

Portable Bottle Unit

People with busy schedules can use the portable bottle blender. It is convenient because they can carry it anywhere they go. Moreover, the portable blender includes batteries and a charger plug that makes it easy to use.

Hand Unit

People who love to make their morning shakes prefer this hand unit. This blender starts when you place your hand on top of the jar. Others call this hand unit, a wand, an immersion blender, or a stick blender.

Counter-top Unit

Counter-top blenders have a durable and robust motor and are bigger than the other types. Moreover, you can control the speed and power with different external buttons.

Mini Electric Blender

Vegetable Blender Mini Electric Device
The Vegetable Blender: A Mini Electric Device

Even better, you can use this mini electric blender on different food items. This gadget can achieve excellent consistency. As well, you can avoid the risk of a knife cut. In fact, you can use this vegetable blender to chop vegetables into small slices. Moreover, this blender processes ingredients in a minute, right after placing them in the jar and pressing the button.

Stainless Steel Blades

Vegetable Blender Mini Electric Device
The Vegetable Blender: A Mini Electric Device

This mini electric vegetable blender has four stainless steel blades. It can quickly process fruits, vegetables, and even meat. The transparent plastic body allows you to see inside.

You can save time because the blender has a capacity of 600 ml. Moreover, it is a perfect match for beginners who are not good at chopping with knives.

Portable And Convenient

When compared to other blenders, these mini electric blender is convenient and portable. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily handle this electrically-powered device by pressing a button. Food-grade ABS and PP plastic comprise the blender components.

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