The Plant-Based Movement: Who Are The Doctors?

Balanced Vegan Eating: One Should Follow For Weight Loss

Doctors who drive the plant-based movement are doing a great job. Having a vegan diet can cure many critical health situations. Take, for instance; it can prevent some disorders and cure any side by side chronic disease. The growing awareness of the program is making us aware of vegan diets. From this, we can help ourselves deal with health situation. The credit goes to the vegan doctors who are helping to spread the idea all over.

The Plant-Based Movement: Who Are The Doctors?

The Plant-Based Movement

Many individuals are facing many controversies about excluding animal meat from their plates. There are man who still think that a balanced diet means eating both vegan and non-vegan foods. However, a balanced diet means having each of the key nutrients in your diet. Moreover, the consistency should be equal to achieve balance and equilibrium.

However, there are only a few who can actually prove the notion to be a false one. Yes, thriving and being healthy by eating vegan only is possible.

The increasing awareness became possible only because of social media. As well, the electronic platform made it easy to share these findings with friends and relatives the moment we find anything useful, the moment we share it with others. Actually, this is how we are doing some great things without even realizing the effects.

We see many adults who are still counting their birthdays beyond one hundred years. In fact, they proved that a healthy diet is all that we need to remain healthy and fit. These people should become our role model in making this whole idea of staying fit an ultimate goal. They’re writing books and giving lectures even while standing while people like us in their early 30s are facing health issues such as backache.

I for instance, whenever I am standing for hours, it is really painful for me to sit after that. And after I sit, it is almost impossible for me to get up and do the house work. My grandfather, on the other hand, is all fit till now. Problems such as swelling of the foot along with backache are something common in the early 90s. However, my scenario is not at all inviting.

Vegan Doctors Who Drive the Plant-Based Movement, Let Us See-
The Plant-Based Movement: Who Are The Doctors?

Who Are The Doctors?

Dr. Kim A William is first on our list. He follows the vegan diet. He began and stayed vegan since 2003. After that, he decided to create an awareness program for the whole world.

Next on the list is T.Collin Cambell. He wrote the book The China Study, The Low-Carb Fraud.

The third on this list is Caldwell Esselstyn. He is one of the most important doctors of the whole vegan movement. He supports a low-fat diet with a plant-based component. This propaganda cuts out oil-based foods as well as nuts, along with avocados and seeds.

Vegan Doctors Who Drive the Plant-Based Movement, Let Us See-
The Plant-Based Movement: Who Are The Doctors?

The number of doctors who are supporting the vegan movement is growing. However, these three are prominent thus an honor to mention them here. They have a firm goal to achieve for the whole world population.

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