Some Vegans Believe That Their Dogs Should Be Vegan Too – There Are Two Sides To The Debate

Vegan Diet For Dogs?

As we all know, domesticated dogs are descendants of the wolves, commonly known for their carnivorous nature. However, in these descendants, dogs are now domesticated, and dogs can survive and do well as a vegan. Given the example of a giant panda, which they are as well Carnivora members, their diet is almost fully on bamboo plants. So you see, dogs are actually omnivores, and the short answer for the issue is yes.

Why have we come up with a yes answer because not all dogs are capable of consuming animal protein. In short, some of them are actually allergic to it. Sometimes, licensed pet nutritionists and veterinarians prescribe meat-free diets that are specially designed for dogs with allergy issues and other health problems. However, feeding without proper knowledge and supervision by professionals, this can turn into tragic as well.

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