Some Fast Food Chains To Order Fast Food For Vegan

fast food for vegan

Being vegan has always been normal, but even more so nowadays. You see numerous vegan food options everywhere you look. People are now open to the health benefits of going vegan, and they’ve incorporated this into their daily lives.

In line with this, numerous fast food restaurants are now adding vegan based food options to their menus. Ordering fast food, as a vegan, has never been easier. However, not all food chains have accommodated vegan options. Hence, we discuss some fast food chains to order fast food for vegan.

Taco Bell

A sandwich sitting on top of a pile of fries

Taco Bell has been known as a safe haven for vegans for years. Vegan food options on their menu include the black bean crunchwrap supreme, black bean quesarito, 7-layer burrito, guacamole, and sauce packets. Since most of their food items are made vegan by a few substitutions, make sure you’re getting the vegan type when you order. You may even recommend what constituent to leave out.

Now that they have launched a complete vegetarian menu, you can order with ease. Some of their food items, like the sauce packets, are now completely vegan.

Burger King

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This fast food chain is also vegan friendly to an extent. Vegan items on their menu include the impossible whopper, garden salad, french fries, hash browns, and even apple pie. 

If you’re going to order the impossible whopper, do so excluding the cheese or creamy mayonnaise. You should also ask them to make it separately. Take note that the non-broiler option of preparation for vegans is only available on request, so always request that.

For their vegan french toast sticks, you should note this. Even though the food item does not contain ingredients derived from animals, it is prepared using equipment which are used to prepare other products which may have dairy or fish as constituents.


There are numerous vegan options here. Vegan items on this fast food’s menu include the beyond meatball marinara sub, veggie patty, subway vinaigrette,  wheat bread, signature wrap, red wine vinegar, sweet onion sauce, tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers, and more. 

Subway is the ideal place to visit for a vegan; as they consistently serve subs filled with vegetables toppings. The Beyond meatball marinara sub is also completely plant-based.

Other fast food chains to order from are Del Taco, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, Starbucks and more. Ensure you’re ordering the vegan food options though.


Nowadays, numerous fast food chains have included completely vegan food options on their menu, or at least alternatives to the meat-based ones. Not all restaurants offer this option though. Hence, we discuss some fast food chains to order fast food for vegan.

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