Simple Vegan Protein Lunch Ideas

Vegan Lunch Ideas Protein

Most vegans are usually concerned about getting enough protein and all the essential amino acids from their diet. These vegan protein lunch ideas will have all your nutritional needs of the day covered. They are very simple menus that do not need much time and effort to prepare.

Among the best natural sources of proteins for vegans, we find beans, lentils, and tofu. These sources of protein also have fewer amounts of calories compared to meat. There is no need to worry about what protein source to use because there is a range of healthy options to choose from.

Black Bean Burger


If you have been looking for the perfect veggie burger then you should try a black bean burger. You can make your own black bean burger without any animal product. Most people use eggs when making veggie burgers to make them hold together, but with this burger it is different. Instead of using eggs, use sweet potatoes.

Other ingredients such as bell peppers, spices, and onions can be used to add to the flavor. A black bean burger is high in proteins, around 12 grams for each burger. It can be served with other side dishes especially salads.

Lentil Dal

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If you are a fan of Indian recipes then this is one meal that will spice up your day. There are various types of lentil dals but let us talk about Indian red lentil dal. The preparation time is 30 minutes, from start to finish.

The best way to make lentil dal is to fry other ingredients such as onions, garlic, and tomatoes differently as the lentils cook. Add the lentils to the frying ingredient and add spices. This meal is simple to prepare and is very nutritious and high in proteins.

Soybeans And Rice

Soya is considered the perfect substitute for animal protein, since it as all 8 essential amino acids. Soybeans are very nutritious and rich in proteins. There are many vegan protein lunch ideas that you can try ou with soy, and one of them involves serving soybeans with rice.

The taste of this meal entirely depends on your preferences. However, you will first have to cook the soybeans separately since the take a longer time to cook compared to rice. You can decide to spice them or fry the soybeans together with the rice.

Spaghetti And Meatballs

Do not get confused, there are no meatballs in this meal, the meatballs are replaced by veggie balls. The veggie balls are made with black beans and mushrooms. Sweet potatoes can be added to make the balls hold.

This is a very simple vegan protein lunch idea that is nutritious and rich in proteins. The black beans and mushrooms are the sources of proteins in this meal.


These vegan protein lunch ideas are very nutritious and will provide you with a good amount of protein. I must also say that they are low in calories thus very healthy and you do not have to worry about gaining extra pounds.

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