Salad Buddies On The Go For The Whole Family


Salad has been the go-to food of vegans looking for quick meals for quite some time now. It is not only delightful, but it is also quick to prepare. There is no standard recipe for salads; you can practically put anything in them. Whatever ingredients you feel like eating or whatever combinations will keep you full until the next meal.

Some vegans are hesitant to pack some salads to work because combining the vegan-friendly dressings to the greens can make it wilt or watery sometimes. Of course, there are available solutions to that, and we are sharing below some products that can help vegans and nonvegans eat fresh crisp homemade salads at work. Similarly, these products can help them make fresh fruit salads which they can share with everybody.  

Salad Shaker Salad Cup Container

Being on the go does not mean you have to diverge from your original vegan diet. The Salad Shaker Salad Cup Container is equipped with a mini dressing container locked onto the cover and of course a fork. This seven-inch container is perfect for your favorite greens because you can put the greens and all other ingredients inside, bring it to your work, spill the dressing inside when you are ready to eat and shake it with the lid on. And voila, you are now one step away to finishing off your fresh, crisp salad.

Highly preferred by the vegans on the go, this Salad Shaker Salad Cup Container will let you enjoy crisp greens anywhere you go. It can also be used to store other food and can easily be warmed because the container is microwave safe. It’s compact and fits well inside your bag.   

Multi-Functional Salad Making Manual Processor

Excellent benefits come in small packages, just like this Multi-Functional Salad Making Manual Processor that is small and portable, yet it has nine functions to offer. The salad making tool kit includes a muddlet, a peeler, an apple slicer, a filter, a grinder, a lemon squeezer, a grapefruit squeezer, a bowl, and of course, five fruit forks for everyone.

Vegans and non-vegans alike highly approve this product because of its portability and functionality. The Multi-Functional Salad Making Manual Processor will give you access to fresh fruit bites even outside the comforts of your kitchen. It is perfect for your kitchen as well as for camping and picnic, especially when you want to prepare fresh salads and fruits for your family, friends, and yourself.

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