Salad Buddies For The Whole Family -

Salad Buddies For The Whole Family

Salads are quite easy to prepare. It is just an assemblage of your favorite greens, fruits, nuts, and other vegan-friendly ingredients and sauces combined in one bowl. What takes time in preparing salads is the cutting of greens or other ingredients, and we all wish we have someone to do that for us. But wish no more, because, with our featured salad buddies kitchen tools, you will surely have someone to help you with all your cutting and prepping needs.

Salad Cutter Bowl Veggie Chopper

Salad Buddies For The Whole Family

Because we are all on the go, we tend to rush things up – including food preparation. That is where our habit of ordering foods is rooted. But isn’t it more safe and nutritious if we get to prepare our food, especially for those who are on a plant-based diet? The Salad Cutter Bowl Veggie Chopper is a wonder tool in its swift preparation of your favorite salads.

Just put in all the ingredients that need to be chopped in the bowl-type container and cover it using the tool’s base. Put it on the table and let your knife do the effortless cutting by slicing through the cover slots. And if you wish to have smaller cuts, just move the cover around and start slicing through the slots on a different position this time.

Vegans are into this product because this cutter bowl is made of food-grade, non-toxic materials that effectively helps them in making their sought after vegan salads without too much effort. Preparation time is halved so you have more time for other stuff.

Salad Spinner Fruit and Vegetable Rinser

Salad Buddies For The Whole Family

One thing you hate about preparing a bowl of salad is that water accumulates at the bottom, soaking your salad wet and making your dressing runny and bland. Where else do you think the water came from? It’s the excess water the greens got when you washed them before cutting or assembling it.

The Salad Spinner will get rid of that problem because it washes and dries fruits and vegetables in just a few swish and spin. It can accommodate up to 5 liters of content, an amount good enough for sharing.

Aside from a waterless fresh salad, users are recommending this product because you get to use the spinner’s bowl as a serving and storage bowl too. It has no leaks that will surely keep your greens fresh and crisp overnight.

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