Plant-Based Milk For The Vegan Milk Lovers


There are many types of vegetarian diets, while the most common concept is to go purely plant-based; there are still some types which consume either eggs or dairy products, or both. But in its essence, a vegan diet consumes plant-based food sources and avoids animal meats and any products derived from it.

Plant-Based Milk For The Vegan Milk Lovers

Milk for one is a product derived from animals; although it does not involve the actual consumption of livestock animal per se, the product is still produced by mammals that are believed to be exploited just to provide humans with milk. But vegans never run out of alternatives to almost everything they are not meant to eat, so expect that they are still able to come up with vegan versions of the much loved fresh cow’s milk.

Ditching Dairy

Growing up, drinking milk perhaps has been a routine. From infancy to toddlerhood, milk was part of your meal. You might not be actually into it when you hit puberty or now that you are an adult, but you are into cafe lattes, milk teas, and ice cream almost regularly.

But you have decided to turn your world upside down, from becoming a steak and dairy loving person, you are now about to ditch your favorites for whatever reasons it may be. You are ditching milk, one of the most essential ingredients for your white coffees and upgraded teas. Can you let go of these things? Or are you up to discover some alternatives?

Plant-Based Milk For The Vegan Milk Lovers

Plant-Based Milk, A Non-Dairy Option

There are always alternatives for almost everything that vegans do not eat. There are actually loads of plant-based kinds of milk that vegans can use to substitute cow or goat’s milk; these are purely sourced from non-animal derived products that you can enjoy.

Soy milk is one good plant-based alternative for your usual dairy milk. It is also a good source of protein with about 7 to 12 grams per cup. As its name suggests, this non-dairy milk is derived from soybeans that are great for cooking, baking, and of course, plain drinking.

Milk that is derived from a nut, Almond milk has less than a gram of protein per cup making it a poor source of tissue building nutrients but a good substitute for cow’s milk. What it can actually boast is its calcium content which is 50% more than your favorite dairy milk.

Plant-Based Milk For The Vegan Milk Lovers

One plant-based milk that is good for your heart is the Cashew milk which has unsaturated fats. It also contains anacardic acid which is believed to have anti-cancer effects and lutein and zeaxanthin for the benefit of your eyes.

Although it contains very little protein content, Coconut milk is rich in mostly medium-chain triglyceride saturated fats which have good effects on your heart. While there are many more plant-based alternatives for dairy milk like hemp, quinoa, oats, rice, pea, and flax milk, each boast with its own set of nutrients, all these are remarkably lactose-free which are not only applicable to vegans but to lactose-intolerant individuals as well.   

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