More Vegan Snacks That Are Available Anywhere

More Vegan Snacks That Are Available Anywhere

In a recent article, we have shared two readily available snacks that you can grab at any convenience stores and a vending machine that is actually vegan-friendly. Since there are more to be discovered, we are sharing more vegan snacks that you can share with your non-vegan friends while at work or on a road trip.

Although none in the list is officially advertised as vegan snacks, all these are considered accidental vegan-friendly munches because they do not contain any animal products or by-products. The assumption that these are all vegan-friendly is purely based on the analysis of the listed ingredients per product.  

Ritz Original Crackers

We usually base our analysis on a certain packed food, whether it is vegan-friendly or not, by checking the listed ingredients in its packaging. We also look at what is indicated in an official article provided by the manufacturer in any possible medium. As for Ritz, its official website lists vegetable oil, unbleached enriched flour, sugar, salt, leavening, high fructose corn syrup, soy lecithin, malted barley flour, and natural flavor as ingredients of the well-loved original crackers.

These ingredients are all vegan-friendly so it is quite a confirmation that Ritz Original Crackers is indeed one brand to share with vegan people. Other Ritz Crackers flavors do not list ingredients that are not vegan-friendly including the bacon crackers. It only says that they used natural flavor and natural smoke in making this popular flavor.

More Vegan Snacks That Are Available Anywhere
vegan snacks – crackers

Munch on this classic crackers at any time of the day. Share it with your non-vegan friends too and let them know that this is one thing that you can share together.


Being one of the most popular chips in the world, a number of Lay’s flavored chips are found to be vegan-friendly because it contains no animal products of any form. As listed in the brand’s official website, these are the following flavors that are vegan-friendly: Classic, Barbecue, Deli Style, Dill Pickle, Lightly Salted, and Salt and Vinegar.

More Vegan Snacks That Are Available Anywhere
Yummy vegan snacks

Aside from the brand’s original series, it has also released Kettle Cooked series, which are also found to be vegan-friendly – original, sea salt and cracked pepper, lattice cut sea salt and 40% less fat. As for the Wavy and Stax variants, the original flavor of both does not contain animal product and the less sodium version, making them potential vegan snacks too.

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