Know The Mezze Platter Vegan Food - Know The Mezze Platter Vegan Food -

Know The Mezze Platter Vegan Food

mezze platter vegan food idea

All the vegetarian people out there, you gotta have one more dish to try with cheese, it is smoky mezze platter vegan food. Meze is said to be a small plate that is served with drinks and appetizers. Popular meze dishes are said to be the combination of halloumi cheese, falafel, tabbouleh. This can vary from region to region. If you are in Greek, you will certainly find the Mezze platter, the combination of Greek appetizers, different spread laid down on large serving plates.

Ingredients Of The Mezze Platter

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The Mezze platter may include olives, feta, cucumbers, tomatoes, hummus, and lavash bread. The perfect mezze platter is colorful with almonds and week decorated plates with all the ingredients mentioned above. Your summers wouldn’t leave without you trying a perfect party Mezze platter. The dish is home entertaining, and at the same time is portable. You can easily get it ready by yourself at home. You just need to spread all the ingredients evenly on the sheet pan. Along with the other mentioned ingredients, you can also use the fisher nuts raw almonds. This is completely your choice and preference ideating. You can even serve this meal as an appetizer. But you see, it is a meal in itself. Here is a brief of the quantity you require to make a perfect platter.

1. you will require five 9″x12″ sheets of lavash flatbread to start with and to spread the ingredients on.

2. Marinated artichoke hearts can be 15 ounces.

3. you will then need cherry tomatoes for almost 1 cup.

4. pitted green olives will go, almost 1 cup again.

5. 1 cucumber, cut it in a sliced shape.

6. If you want to have fish almonds, it will go half cup.

7. You also require tabbouleh, almost half a cup.

8. You may also require hummus, almost 1 cup.

9. Try having 1 cup red pepper hummus.

How To Prepare A Platter?

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You just need to arrange the different ingredients on a wooden platter plate. The ingredients can be many more. It completely depends upon your wish and taste.


Suppose you are in a hurry and what to have a party platter ready for the evening. You can blindly go for a Mezze platter. It is a complete meal by itself. Your guests will love it and are mouth-watering too. You can serve the same with drinks or appetizers. It is a combination of healthy ingredients all piled in 1 platter and known as a mezze platter. If you are a vegan person, then you can also prepare the mezze platter with a wholesome vegetarian diet. You can have cheese, fruits, vegetables, bread, and chips. Again this will be a wholesome plate and a fantastic platter to serve in front of guests. So bring on the party mode and prepare an easy mezzo platter with the ingredients of your choice.

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