Vegan Food – Interesting Facts You May Not Know

Vegan Food – Interesting Facts You May Not Know

Everything about veganism is very interesting – from the reasons behind their choice, their diet, the alternative ingredients, and recipes. But aside from that, there are more uncommon facts about being vegan and vegan food and its impact on all life forms and the environment that you need to know.

There’s one certain fact that is fairly common to all of us, and this is a general idea that veganism has many positive impacts and after-effects. Let’s discover more about vegan and vegan food through the following fun facts.

1. Saving Gallons of Water

The more animals get slaughtered for consumption, the more animals people raise for the said purpose. To produce one pound of meat, it will take about 2,500 gallons of water, while the same weight of wheat will only need around 25 gallons to grow.

2. Vegan Food Results To Healthier Individual

Vegan Food – Interesting Facts You May Not Know

Although many people are turning veganism because of health reasons, most still think such a belief is just a myth. But according to American Dietetic Association (ADA), vegans tend to show lower blood pressure, lower blood cholesterol level, less chance of acquiring prostate and colon cancer, and decreased chances of Ischemic Heart Disease.

3. Antibiotic Overload

According to U.S. records, there are about 3 million pounds of antibiotics that are being consumed by Americans alone. Here’s one crazy fact – animals receive even more. There are about 17.8 million pounds of antibiotics that are being fed to livestock. These animals end up on human tables for consumption. Just imagine how much antibiotics people get by consuming these meats?

4. Less Meat Means Less Pollution

Would it be surprising to know that by consuming meat, you are actually contributing to pollution? This is a fact. Around 20% of man-made pollution comes from the meat industry, which puts it ahead of the transport industry in contributing to the greenhouse effect.

5. Vegan Food Sources Are Almost Everywhere

Yes, edible greens and vegan-friendly food sources are almost everywhere. This means that vegan foods are actually available at supermarkets and convenience stores around us. There are available products labeled as vegan-friendly displayed on shelves, and there are products that are believed to be accidentally made as vegan-friendly. The latter refers to products that do not contain ingredients from animal sources. So it is important to always check the ingredients. A good rule of thumb that you can use is that products that are labeled as cholesterol-free are often vegan-friendly. This is primarily because bad cholesterols are only sourced from animal products.

Vegan Food – Interesting Facts You May Not Know

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