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indian vegan recipes

Indian vegetarian recipes are a subclass of vegan food. Apart from the total absence of animal meat in vegetarian recipes, a vegetarian diet also excludes consumption of eggs, milk, cheese, dairy products etc. Vegans avoid animal meat and dairy products because of several reasons. Primarily, it is because animal meat is fed on hormones and antibiotics which are injected into their bodies during their growing days and at the same time, the animal’s milk contains harmful chemicals that are absorbed into the bloodstream when consumed. Moreover, milk, when consumed in large quantities can lead to obesity, a leading cause of diabetes.

Quick Indian Vegetarian Recipes

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A typical meal of an Indian omnivore would be a gourmet curry with varied ingredients like vegetables, grains, lentils and pulses. An example of an Indian vegetable is bok choy. Bok choy is used in various curries, stir fries, curries, biryanis and potato chips. The popularity of this vegetable is immense and it is easily available in any supermarket in the country. This herb goes a long way in the preparation of Indian vegetarian recipes as it is a popular ingredient in chutneys, sauces and masalsas.

Garlic is another widely used herb in Indian vegetarian recipes and its consumption comes mainly in the form of gourmet curries. It is known for its medicinal properties and helps in the growth of the body and prevents hair loss. A variety of vegetables is used in the preparation of vegetarian meals and among these, radishes, tomatoes and potatoes top the list. For the preparation of sauces, mustard seeds are boiled in water till they get cooked and then ground into a powder. Other important ingredients used in Indian recipes of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian include coriander leaves, mint, cashews, asafetida, paprika, chojji, cloves, fennel, mint leaves, cinnamon, coconut oil, tomatoes, turmeric, ginger, cloves, cardamom, cloves, fenugreek seeds, paprika, coconut milk, asfardha, asafeotida, kamal leaves and other spices like turmeric.

Another very popular Indian vegetable that is widely used in the preparation of Indian vegetarian recipes and popular Indian vegan recipes of non-vegetarian are potatoes, beets, carrot, corn, onions and garlic. The other most important vegetable that forms an integral part of Indian cuisine is tomatoes which are used in different preparation of dishes. Some other important vegetables like coriander seeds, mint, asafetida, kamal leaves, paprika, chojji, garlic and spices like cinnamon, cardamom are also used in the preparation of Indian vegetarian recipes. While non-vegetarian people also use a lot of spices and vegetables in preparing their food but their diet is not healthy as it does not contain enough amount of essential nutrients.

Tofu is the most commonly used ingredient in many of the Indian recipes. It is derived from the seeds of the gourd; hence, it is called as the “Tofu”. This vegetable is very tasty and nutritious. It is available in different colors and flavors and it has a very rich flavor. Some other popular flavors that you can try out while preparing tasty and flavorful indian recipes are:

Popular Indian Recipes

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Indian Vegetarian Recipes: Most of the traditional Indian recipes call for tofu, which is available in different shapes and shades in the market these days. Therefore, you can have some of your favorite flavors and aroma in your food without any problem at all. The Indian vegetarian cookbook Indian Vegetarian Food offers a variety of recipes for you to try out. It gives very helpful information on how to cook healthy and delicious Indian vegetarian recipes which are tasty, nutritious and delicious. You can find a very helpful Indian vegetable cookbook at a book store near your locality or buy it online.

South Indian Recipes: The south Indian region is one of the world’s richest areas of vegetarian cuisine. As compared to other regions, the south Indian recipes have very rich flavor and they are very tasty and savory. You can prepare various South Indian recipes according to your taste. Most of these recipes originated from the states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. A very helpful Indian vegetarian cuisine cookbook will surely offer you excellent tips on how to cook delicious south Indian recipes.

Garlic Flavored Rice Dish: A very famous traditional dish of south India is the Garlic Rice. In this dish you can use roasted garlic along with basmati rice. This dish is popular all around the world and is loved by every person who tries it. To make this dish you must first roast two cloves of garlic then add onions, green chilies, coriander leaves and tomatoes then cook it in low temperature for around 20 minutes so that the rice is not cooked. You can serve this dish with your Indian curries or even with some rice.

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