High Protein Vegan Food Prep – Some Quick Tips

high protein vegan food prep

For people on a high protein vegan food prep, preparation of high protein vegan meals can be very challenging. There are many different types of protein available, and many different ways to prepare those proteins. I’ll give you my take on how to prepare most types of protein. First of all, I’ve always cooked Italian dishes, mainly pizza and pasta. Because of the heavy, cheesy sauces I use there, it can be quite difficult to avoid over cooking these foods. Here’s what I do for high protein vegetarian foods that are easy to prepare and don’t take long to prepare.

For pasta, always throw the beans into the pot before you add the meat, cheese and tomato sauce. Use a fork to mix all of the ingredients together until they become smooth and creamy. Then, just kind of mash the beans and combine with the other ingredients. I usually end up adding about one cup of beans per four cups of pasta. Then, I just heat the pasta water and cook it according to the directions on the package.

Take Care Of Different Things

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Also, always remember to drain the liquid any time you’re preparing meat or other high-protein dishes. Sometimes, this becomes more important if you use canned meat. Liquid will retain moisture, which is bad for high protein dishes.

For rice, you’ll want to add enough water to make sure that it stays very dry. This is because, once again, the liquids will retain moisture. If you have a rice cooker, just use the regular white rice and stir in any vegetables or meat (raw) you want to be used. If not, just mix the rice and water together until it has the consistency of regular rice.

Brown Rice Taste Best

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When it comes to dice, I’m a big fan of brown rice. The reason I like it so much is because it has a lot more nutrition. In fact, for me, it’s one of the higher proteins on the market. If you don’t like the taste of brown rice, try black or whole grain rice.

Involves Buying Different Things

As far as prep goes, this usually involves buying some precooked meat or chicken, brown rice or some sort of vegan low carb rice. Next, I’ll pre-heat my oven, and pre-cooked vegetables. I’ll also be using frozen veggies or fruits, baked goods like cookies and rolls, and dried fruit. I’ll also be making use of a high protein binder to put all of these things together.

Once the meat or chicken is all prepared, I’ll want to take it out of the oven. Usually, I’ll let it sit at room temperature for about one hour, or until it’s ready. Then, I’ll use a high protein binder to put all of the pieces together and make my high protein snack. I’ll usually use guar gum or another thickener to make sure that my biscuits or rolls stay chewy. (You can also use soy sauce or liquid noodles instead of gum to cut down on calories.)


The key to high protein eating is planning and preparation. I always have a big bowl of rice and a couple of cups of veggies on hand. I also usually have a couple of raw eggs in my freezer, so I can cook up a batch of scrambled eggs for breakfast. And, I’ll always have a bottle of liquid nutritional supplement on hand to help boost my intake. I know that this kind of diet can really cut down on your grocery bill, but when you really stop and think about it, you’re actually getting a lot more for your money by being a high protein vegan.

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