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High Protein Vegan Breakfast Food Options

high protein vegan breakfast food

A common question from vegans is which is better – having a high protein or a high carb vegan diet? There are pros and cons to each of these dietary choices. And the bottom line is that it comes down to what you prefer. So, in this article, we’ll discuss high protein vs. high carb vegan foods.

So, first off, what is high in protein? That depends. On one hand, some people can get enough protein from plant sources like beans and nuts, which may be considered “high” in protein. Others, however, cannot. For them, supplements might be needed. And, some even take surgery to get their excess tissue to where it needs to go.

Any Type Of Low Carb Diet

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Of course, there’s also the issue of carbs. A lot of people are either lactose intolerant or they have trouble digesting gluten. These folks will need to eat a special diet made for those with these issues. But many others don’t have these problems at all, but need low carbs just to be able to lose weight.

If you’ve been on any type of low carb diet, you know that there are a lot of carbs to sort through and some that you simply can’t eat. You have to take them out in pieces so they don’t make you sick. This is why you often see people on these diets take weeks to get used to eating carbs again. It’s a tough transition.

So, for those of you who can eat grains (including brown rice, millet and barley), eggs and even vegetables, you’re good to go! What about those of you who can’t eat any of those things? Don’t worry, though. You can still get your recommended daily amount of proteins and high fiber from high protein vegan meals, even if you are on a restricted diet. It just may take a little longer.

Experiment With Other Protein Sources

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For example, it would take a month or so to get used to eating high protein products again after being on a vegan plan for a year or more. That’s why I suggest you stick with them for a while before you experiment with other protein sources. While most vegans do eat meat now and then, they avoid anything fried. Even eggs and some nuts are good if you can find vegan versions.

There are many different meals you can make that will have all the nutritional content you need, especially if you’re going on a vegan diet. Most of the foods I mentioned above can be made in advance and chilled until you’re ready to eat. That means you can have a healthy vegan meal every morning or night. You’ll be less likely to feel hungry since you have a large supply of energy from the foods you love.

The great thing about many high protein vegan foods is that they contain many of the same healthful properties of the foods you find in a healthy vegetarian diet. They are also made from ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen such as soy milk, tofu, nuts, and fresh vegetables. A great place to find them is Vitamin Shoppe.

High Protein Vegan Recipe

Some of the most popular items on the market are tofu recipes. You can find easy to make delicious stir fries, wraps, salads, and even tacos that are high protein and low fat. For dessert you can’t go wrong with a scoop of ice cream. One word of caution: Make sure the ice cream is non-dairy. The company is devoted to providing healthy, high protein vegan options.

One high protein vegan recipe that is easy to make and is becoming quite popular is easy oatmeal. You can bake it, add fresh vegetables and a little peanut butter for an extra boost. It has a nice texture and a rich taste. For a delicious breakfast treat you can make a delicious raw scramble. This is just about the perfect recipe for high protein vegan diets.

For lunch and dinner you might want to try a tossed salad with some fresh chopped tomatoes and some red bell pepper. For snacks, a fruit like an apple or orange is always welcome. Protein is important after a busy day at work so keep that in mind when choosing your lunch and dinner options. For a high protein meal you can always make a baked sweet potato with some chickpea flour.

Final Words

As you can see, there are many high protein vegan options out there that you can choose from. There are also many delicious recipes that you can choose from. You should always make sure the protein sources are the leanest possible for your diet. With a little planning and creativity you can have all of your protein needs covered in one fell swoop.

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