Have A Look On Some Delicious And Must Try Tofu Recipes Vegan

tofu recipes vegan

Tofu can be considered as a protein-rich add-up in your meal. As it is extremely versatile, you can try several dishes if you wish to go vegan. Despite being almost tasteless, it can let you have several delicious dishes that are parts of global cuisines. Here mentioned are some tofu recipes vegan that you may easily try for your breakfast crumbles or tasty dinners.

Baked Tofu With BBQ Flavor

Recipes Vegan

This one is very simple to prepare at home as you will need two basic ingredients to make baked BBQ tofu. Use your favorite BBQ sauce to marinate tofu and then bake it for a while. You can stuff them into buns and wraps. You can add some relish, tomatoes, and lettuce to make it more delicious. It is a simple and fast preparing dish, suitable to surprise your vegan guests.

Add Some Vegetables To Sesame Tofu Recipes Vegan           

Recipes Vegan

If you are looking for some crunchy tofu recipes vegan, then this is a must-try option. This sesame tofu has a crispy and crunchy exterior with a soft interior that is enough to give you an amazing eating experience. It takes only 30 minutes to prepare this. All you need is some veggies and tossed tofu with sesame. You can also add a little oil with some sauces of Asian styles and tastes. Try this tofu recipe for your upcoming get-together.

Veggie And Tofu Burger 

You can prepare a tofu burger for your dinner or breakfast. Mix some diced onions, wheat germ, soy sauce, scallions, garlic powder, and a little bit of flour, and then add the mixture to well-drained and well-pressed tofu to form patties. Further, let it get golden brown on the pan and then serve the tofu patties on a bun making it a delicious burger.

Tofu Breaded With Cornmeal As Crispy Tofu Recipes Vegan

If going vegan, you will need to prepare some crispy dishes for your kids also. This one can become the favorite of your kid. In this recipe, you have to coat the tofu with cornmeal and just oven bake. You also don’t need to fry these cubes as oven baking can add the crispiness in these tofu recipes vegan. No matter if you are a kid or adult, everyone will love to have these tofu cubes with their favorite BBQ sauces.

Breaded Tofu And Potatoes 

These herbed potatoes alongside breaded crispy tofu can become the game-changer if your kids do not like tofu. Crunchy tofu coated with your favorite cornmeal or batter can go very well with herbed white potatoes making it more suitable with sauces and mayo.


Vegan dishes are not always boring. You may experiment with different styles to get amazing new flavors of tofu. As tofu is rich in protein, it is a healthy option to opt for.

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