Good Vegan Food Joints in Singapore

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There’s more to vegan and vegetarian grub than a boring uninspiring mountain of leafy greens and raw vegetables. Whether you have dietary restrictions or just prefer to eat more greens and grains, these restaurant kitchens in Singapore are churning out wholesome meals that are completely meat-free without compromising on taste. Far from sad salads and countless carbs, these spots in town pack flavour and character into plant-based dishes. With cuisines ranging from Korean and Peranakan to Japanese and Italian, vegans and vegetarians have tons to choose from. Time to ditch the bland salad life!

Green Common

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Green Common is a one-stop destination for all your plant-based needs; the roomy interior houses a 112-seater eatery, and a retail nook that stocks a wide selection of international meat-free brands. The multi-purpose concept store was first started by the Green Monday Group in Hong Kong, as a way to promote mindful eating. And its opening at VivoCity marks Green Common’s first outlet in Southeast Asia. From the extensive menu, you’ll find a range of meat-alternative being used to create dishes pulled from a variety of cuisine: pizza, noodles, local street food, and more.

The Kind Bowl

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The Kind Bowl serves up belly-warming meals that are friendly on the waist and environment. This plant-based Vietnamese eatery uses sustainable, ethical ingredients to create its menu of pho, banh mi, salads, and more. Try The Kind Pho ($9.80), with comfy broth topped with shredded seitan, grilled oyster mushrooms, sprouts, and herbs; or slurp up the BBQ Delight ($12.80), a tangy, dry noodle variant that is just as hearty.

Genesis Vegan Restaurant

Who says you have to give up local cuisine once you decide to embrace the vegan lifestyle? A cosy restaurant at Havelock II, Genesis serves up delicious plant-based, dairy-free local fare at affordable prices. The ingredients here are carefully selected for their rich nutrient values while still remaining delicious and flavourful. Try out their famous dumplings with capsicum sauce ($6/6 pieces), made with mock meat, mushrooms and spring onions. There’s also the bak kut teh ($8.90) with tofu, mushrooms, mock meat and potatoes. Don’t forget to round off your meal with a delicious and creamy tofu cheesecake ($4.50). 

Vege Pot

This small vegetarian restaurant, hidden on the second floor of Fortune Centre, has long been a favourite among many for its home-cooked, plant-based dishes. From its eclectic menu, you’ll find dishes that range from bibimbap (from $7.90) made with homemade kimchi, to rice served with a sesame-ginger soup and monkey head mushrooms (from $7.90). And with creations like handmade ‘unagi’ ($6.90), vegan oyster omelette ($6.90), and claypot ‘salted fish’ rice (from $7.90), you’ll hardly notice the absence of meat. 


As part of the Ebb and Flow Group’s multi-concept space, 8ASH, you’ll find Love Handle Burgers, which puts a meat-free spin on classic fast-food options. Apart from the usual cheeseburger ($12.50) and patties topped with mushroom and cheese ($17), the joint also puts a plant-based on the night market classic: Ramly burger ($15). Here, the sloppy mess comes loaded with gooey vegan cheese, eggless frittata, and sauces of garlic aioli and barbecue. Even the sides come jazzed up with greens, including the addictive tempura broccolini ($7.50) and cream spinach-loaded fries ($9). 

These are some of the must-try vegan food restaurants in Singapore.

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