Good Vegan Fast Food that you can Indulge in

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Vegan fast food contains the same breads and sauces that non vegan fast food contains. But, instead of the meat here, we stuff in vegetables. We also use other options to make these the healthiest for  your children. Here are some healthy vegan fast food options.


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Burgers are fast-food items and often have a bad name for being unhealthy. But you can make these tasty fast food items in a very healthy way at home. Replace the burger bun with a whole wheat burger bun. These are easily available on the market these days. You can also bake your own buns at home using whole wheat flour. While making the burger patties, sneak in a lot of zucchini, lettuce, carrot, beans, peas and any other vegetables that you want your children to have. Either mix these with mashed potatoes or with minced meat to make the patty. Next, use your own yogurt dip with cheese instead of mayonnaise. When you compile all these on a wheat burger bun, automatically, your fast food becomes quite healthy.


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Just as you made a healthy patty for your burgers, similarly, your pizza sauce can be healthy too. Sneak in carrots, beets, tomatoes, onions and herbs in the sauce and grind them to a paste. Spread this sauce on the whole wheat pizza base and then top it with vegetables of your choice. Grate lots of cheese on the toppings so that your children will not find out about the mashed vegetables inside. Anyways, cheese is very healthy for kids.

Macaroni and Cheese

Just change your plain pasta into whole wheat pasta or semolina pasta and make  your mac and cheese the usual way. You can also make your own macaroni at home in a healthy way. There are various ways in which you can concoct healthy food items for your children.

French Fries

If your kids love French fries, try frying some carrots and zucchini as well along with the potatoes. You can tell them these are colored fries and they are sure to love it too. Add their favorite cheese dressing on top to camouflage the taste.

Panera Sandwich

Your kids love the panera sandwich? You can make it yourself at home. Just get whole wheat bread and roast some mock-meat cutlets. You can skip the cheese if you want.

Milk Shakes

If your kids love milk shakes, how about making them at home with low-fat soy milk? Just get skimmed soy milk at home and add flavorings of their choice. Next, add a dollop of non-dairy ice-cream if they are too fussy about the taste.

This way, you can make a lot of fast-food meals at home for kids in a healthy way. If you serve them in the same way as they get it in the stores, they probably won’t even fuss. Fast-food options from stores is sometimes a problem because they use a lot of unhealthy additives and preservatives to make their food items last for long. You can easily replicate the same at home with healthier options.

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