Food Idea Cor Wedding Vegan – Some Ideas For Your Next Event

food idea cor wedding vegan

The most memorable day for a person is the day that person gets married. But it is equally important to make the day memorable for the guest by serving them some of the luscious, delightful, and nutritious dishes at the same time. There is a new trend where people only eat Vegan food. So, it should become your priority to serve them the best and tasty vegan food at the wedding. There are many Food Idea Cor Wedding Vegan, which one can serve to their guest. Vegans don’t consume meat or animal products, including butter, milk, cheese, and egg. One might think that it is impossible to prepare the menu without using these ingredients. But it is really easy to make a portion of delicious food for vegans without these ingredients.

Vegan Starters For Wedding

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Vegan food that can serve as a good starter is a salad. Salad is a healthy approach that is liked by everyone. A colorful salad, which looks attractive and appetizing won’t do any harm. Make sure to include a mix of veggies and fruits in the salad. Instead of traditional cheese, use vegan cheese. Everyone will love a salad that has lime vinaigrette, cucumber, spinach, avocados, and blanched almonds, and a dressing of olive oil. If one wants to serve a hearty salad, then a mushroom salad with caramelized onions and lentils can be a good option. One can also serve finger foods like fritters and falafel. Beetroot carpaccio, vegetable rice paper rolls with peanut sauce, sweet potato bruschetta, chickpea falafel are some other good Food Idea Cor Wedding Vegan. One can also serve asparagus, fresh pea, and mint risotto for a formal option. A mushroom bite with sun-dried tomatoes, walnut, and spinach and a vegan bruschetta are classic options to serve.

Main Menu

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There are many Food Idea Cor Wedding Vegan which can ensure tasty mains. Make sure to avoid food options that have gluten, soy, and nuts in them. Pasta or a mushroom risotto are some classy options to serve. One can also serve soup. Make sure to substitute the meat broth with the vegetable broth. Some of the best options for soup can be tomato dill soup, miso soup with mushroom, Thai coconut soup, and a fresh fruit soup. Mushroom risotto, vegan curry, saffron vegetable risotto are other options. For a more filling meal, spicy ratatouille with rice and salad is a perfect option. Traditional pasta with sautéed onion and seasonal vegetables won’t be a bad idea. To include an Asian touch to the menu, add a Thai vegetable curry or a chickpea curry.

Vegan Desserts

Without desserts, no wedding is complete. There are plenty of vegan desserts from which one can choose from like fruits and pastry-based dishes. Some of the most loved vegan desserts are apple trees, fruit sorbet, mixed berry cupcakes. A cupcake is a dessert that is classic and perfect for a wedding. A vegan cupcake can be vanilla, banana, or chocolate flavored. A gluten-free cupcake with fruits and berries on the top with an edible flower petal will attract everyone. Tarts are other deserts that are delicate, sophisticated and are perfect for a vegan menu as they have no nuts, dairy, and gluten. A chocolate ganache with all kinds of fruits and berries on top can serve as a perfect dessert.


Thus, there is a whole list of Food Idea Cor Wedding Vegan which can help to make your wedding day a memorable one for you and your guest with less effort.

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