Feasting At Home Tips To Make The Most Of It

feasting at home

American Lamb Board (AKB) is attempting to make lamb more approachable in homes and extend consumers’ use of lamb outside of the traditional holiday seasons. In this month’s edition, one of AKB s bloggers, Feasting on Home, created and posted a delicious recipe for Turkish Cabbage Rolls using ground lamb as the main ingredient. The dish is very delectable – I would imagine that it will not only be a hit with the kids during the holidays but also with those who are not so inclined towards meat. In fact, many of my guests have asked me to prepare this dish at Thanksgiving dinners. Of course, this dish can be adjusted to include chicken or even pork as well.

Try Stunning Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls

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So, how did the host, Feasting on Home, create her stunning vegetarian cabbage rolls? She sent out the recipe to her family and friends, and a few people said they had tried to make these themselves. Then, out of the trash bins came the steaming hot, fresh Cabbages. Yes, they were not raw at all but were lightly steamed and topped off with sauerkraut and dill pickle juice. The other ingredients were simple; ground flax seeds, fresh onions and garlic, and a sweet, tangy lemon juice. What was left for feasting at home was just the time to bake the rolls and serve them.

Buy Fountains

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As far as feasting at home goes, I suppose this is similar to hosting a party at your house because you want to put on your best face for your guests and look as good as possible. Of course, when you cook at home, you tend to overcook the recipes to death unless you have a generous freezer to keep your ingredients cold. So, the solution is to buy fountains to use instead of using pots and pans. When you are hosting a party for business purposes, your catering company can help you find fountains that go along with the theme you have selected, or you can simply find fountains that will go well with a variety of different themes, both contemporary and classic.

Hire A Catering Business

When you host a fiesta at home, you can use all kinds of food and invite guests of all ages. If you are throwing a baby shower, then your guests would likely be in their 70s and 80s. A baby shower can be a lot of fun and entertaining, but sometimes the guests get a bit bored. What fun to have a fiesta at home to keep them entertained! When you plan an event like this with your catering business, you can invite guests of any age – as long as you don’t make it a slumber party, everyone will have a good time.

Do Not Forget To Share Memories On Facebook

When you plan to feast at home, you need to remember that you can cater for all types of tastes and ages and because social media is such a large part of our world, you should also incorporate social media into your catering business. One way to do that is to post pictures and videos of your feasting events on your catering business’s Facebook page. Just be sure that you take the time to label the photos and videos with accurate ages so that your guests don’t end up drinking too young or too old – that would just be disappointing!

Consider Cocktail Party

Feasting at home can be just as fun for couples as it is for large groups of friends. If you are throwing a party for a wedding anniversary or some other special occasion, your catering business can prepare food that is appropriate for the number of guests that you expect to attend. Of course, you could always hire a caterer to take care of the food if you aren’t comfortable preparing it yourself. If you hire a caterer, be sure to tell him or her what type of event you’re having – for example, a senior event or a cocktail party would require different food preparation than a gathering of young adults.


One thing to keep in mind when hosting a feast at home is that if you have any health restrictions, you should inform your guests before the event. Your catering business can provide plenty of healthy dishes to choose from, including easy-to-prepare meals that are easy to clean up afterwards. If you plan to host more than one feast at home, you can even ask your guests to bring their own food items, which would save you a lot of hassle if you were serving meal planning that required clean up. When you plan to feast at home, you should keep in mind that you don’t need to host every event of the same size each year. Some events are only intended for a certain season, such as a spring wedding, so you’ll want to plan accordingly. You may also find that feasting at home can work well for your business since some companies host employee or family gatherings on a regular basis.

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