Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas For Kids and Teens

easy vegan lunch ideas

If you are looking for some quick and easy vegan lunch ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. We all know how time consuming cooking a meal can be. With just the right combinations of ingredients, most of us could probably cook a dinner for our family in under an hour. But even with all the time we have, sometimes it’s just too much to take on.

An Overview

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I happen to be one of those people that often finds myself frustrated because I don’t always have time to prepare healthy meals for my family. I’m a mom of five and I need healthy food to help take care of my babies. My diet consists mainly of salads and fresh fruits and vegetables. Sometimes I make quick easy vegan lunch ideas using foods that I already have in my home. For example, this past weekend I was able to prepare an amazing dinner using leftover quinoa from last night’s meal.

I prepared the quinoa by simply cutting up a large piece of it into hummus style bites. I used my favorite peanut butter and chickpea salad as the base for my dinner. I took some sliced tomatoes and lightly chopped broccoli florets, onions, garlic, and nutritional yeast. I mixed together some water, lime juice, and nutritional yeast flakes. I refrigerated the mixture until it was warm enough to serve.

Great Ingredients

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This easy vegan lunch ideas to use items that are already prepared and in my refrigerator at home. I took a raw squash, cut it into thin strips, layered it with some chopped onions and bell pepper, added some water, and cooked it until it was squash-like. After it was finished, I pureed it with a blender until it was a smooth puree. I used my juicer to make some extra juice, which I used in my salad and also sprinkled on top of my salads.

There are many easy vegan lunch ideas for items that you already have in your home. One such item is dried beans, which I have in my cupboard. It only took me about ten minutes to prepare a batch of dried beans that I was able to serve to my family.

Another one of my easy vegan lunch ideas was macaroni and cheese. I actually made the macaroni and cheese from scratch, but purchased the frozen macaroni from the grocery store. I added some vegetable stock (red bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, olives), nutritional yeast, and white vinegar to my pasta. I also reduced the fat in the oil I used for the macaroni and cheese.

Making Process

One of the easiest vegan lunch ideas is to create your own snack treats. I love to prepare a healthy fruit salad with a handful of strawberries or blackberries on the side. To make the fruit dressing, simply mix one packet of blender packed with nutritional yeast, one tablespoon of lemon juice, and one cup of water. You can easily customize the taste of this nutritious snack treat by adding a dab of your favorite herb or seasonings. Easy vegan lunch ideas for snacks include dehydrated crackers with nutritional yeast, carrot slices with cashew cream, raw walnuts, and more.


Creating a delicious meal is key to eating a healthy diet. By choosing easy vegan lunch ideas, you will ensure that each day of the week you have delicious and nutritious meals that are loaded with protein and fiber. When you combine a high-nutrient diet with an exciting array of creative new recipes, you will find that eating a diet that is filled with plant-based foods makes you feel great. Your body will be amazed at the transformation when you find yourself looking forward to meals again!

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