Best Leading Tofu Brands That Will Entirely Change Your Diet Plans

tofu brands

For vegans, tofu (bean curd)should be one of the most important things to eat in their diet. It is a good source of many proteins and minerals for vegetarian persons, or those who are choosing vegan can wholeheartedly opt for this. For a fact, one block of tofu of any brand contains 177 calories. Those who are looking for some ideal tofu brands can check the following list to understand the product better.

List Of Tofu Brands That Will Offer You An Ideal Product 

Tofu Brands

You will mostly found tofu is found in Asian cuisine because this product is mainly used in Asian countries. Look at the following to know the answer to our question. 

Meiji Tofu 

Tofu Brands

You can eat Meiji tofu as a single ingredient on your own, no need o0f cooking. You just need to remove the cover and munch on it.

Hodo Tofu 

You can create many things with hodo tofu. The best part is this tofu is creamy and rich in protein. One can start consuming it day by day to gain muscles and reap all the benefits.

Visoy Tofu 

Generally, tofu is very soft and can break during cooking. Many chefs are looking for such tofu that does not easily break during cooking, and the shape is also beautiful. The visoy tofu can be used by any, and you can easily get any kind of tofu brand from. 

Benefits Of Eating From Tofu Brands That You Cannot Reap Out Of The Only Vegan Diet 

  • Decrease in cardiovascular diseases – if you are not taking animal protein and instead you are taking tofu every day then, you are at a very lower risk of getting any kind of cardiovascular disease.
  • Prevention of breast and prostate cancer – the studies record shows that tofu is good enough to prevent any kind of breast cancer from occurring, but it is not confirmed to use on any type of person diagnosed with heart cancer.
  • Type 2 diabetes – it is known to everybody that type 2 diabetes affect victim kidneys resulting in excessive amounts of protein to go waste through urine. But, if you are taking tofu regularly, then you will have to face this problem very little.
  • Helps in menopause – when menopause occurs, women may experience a lot of very painful hot waves. But if you are taking soy protein (tofu) intakes of animal protein, then you are safe.


All of the tofu brand sare very reliable but has their specifications. The best part is you cannot forget tofu easily, and it did look and made like the cheese, but it’s not cheese. It is called(benbean curd). Share it with your friends to know more about the tofu brands and how you can consume them.

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