Best 3 Vegan Lunch Ideas- Buzzfeed - Best 3 Vegan Lunch Ideas- Buzzfeed -

Best 3 Vegan Lunch Ideas- Buzzfeed

Vegan Lunch Ideas Buzzfeed

Whether you are environment-friendly or just allergic to gluten and dairy products, vegan food is not only healthy and nutritious but also is delicious. You have to try it for yourself to see that there is a difference between vegan and non-veg but the difference is nice and welcoming to your pallet. After eating heavy meals for years, your taste buds and your stomach might demand something new and distinctive, full of nutrients.

But, the question is why we are looking for vegan lunch ideas in Buzzfeed. The answer lies in its popularity. Buzzfeed has some delectable vegan lunch ideas which are short, simple, and fun to read. Therefore, here we will discuss the top three vegan lunch ideas of Buzzfeed.

Chickpea Herb Stew

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If you are craving something warm, fresh, and healthy, this recipe is the way to go.

The chickpea stew and the Persian herb with rice are not only for vegans but anyone who wants a hearty meal.

The recipe is a one-pan meal, so you do not have the hassle of washing various utensils after the meal.

And it can be prepared in thirty minutes. It’s so quick to make that even on a hectic day, you can have this as lunch or dinner.

The lunch is full of various nutrients and minerals as it is made with a lot of fresh herbs, spinach, chickpeas, and turmeric.

Have some steamed rice and a dollop of curd with it to make a hearty, colorful and healthy meal.

Vegan Power Bowl

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As the name suggests a power-packed lunch is what you get from this Vegan Power Bowl of Chickpeas and Broccolis.

With spicy chickpeas which is a classic and green Tahini Sauce, garlicky Broccoli, and lemon quinoa, the flavors will burst in each bite you would take.

Among all the ingredients, the Tahini sauce is the showstopper, and it’s also one of the major ingredients that assemble the other components of this dish together.

Though this is a recipe for lunch, if you have some left-over, you can use it as a dip for any fries, as a salad dressing, or stirred into a creamy soup. There are endless possibilities. You can keep it fresh in a refrigerator for up to a week.

The vegan Thai Basil Noodles with Crispy Kale is a veggie-loaded, healthy, flavorsome, fast, and easy to make recipe that can be prepared with simple everyday life ingredients.

The inspiration for this recipe is Pad Kee Mao but without the fish sauce, of course. Pad Kee Mao means a meal after a night of drinking. Though the recipe is somewhat similar, the crunchy Kale is not that typical.

Bold flavors, ease, and simplicity are the statements of this dish. The food is also very quick to make, so there is no excuse for eating out.

To make this recipe, you would have to stir fry Thai noodles on a high flame with finely cut vegetables, garlic, and chilies. Then garnish it with sesame-flecked, crunchy, and garlicky kale for texture and flavor. Enjoy!


Here you have the top three delicious vegan lunch ideas from Buzzfeed. We have also enlisted the advantages of these hearty, mouthwatering, and healthy recipes.

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