Balanced Vegan Eating: One Should Follow For Weight Loss

How To Reduce Belly Fat In 1 Month

The below suggestion is for a Low Carb Balanced vegan eating for weight loss. I am eating almost the same menu every day, but your needs may vary. 

For Indian vegetarians, the choices are almonds and nuts for breakfast. Or, two south Indian Idli or one multigrain dosa with coconut only chutney is excellent too. Add plenty of Ghee to Idly and Dosa. You can also make Cheese Dosa. One can eat Idli can with Podi with plenty of Virgin Olive oil (or Sesame Oil for better taste).

Vegetable curry is good with very little or no legumes for lunch and only one small Roti (preferably multigrain type due to higher protein). Instead of Roti, 12g of brown rice can be in eating. Add tall fat curd/Yogurt with salad vegetables for lunch. You can also add Virgin Olive Oil to salad and top it with Jeera powder and a pinch of black salt. It tastes yummy.

Dinner is the same Roti or rice (12g) with a large serving of Paneer. If Paneer is boring for everyday dinner, change to whole grain Dal with liberal use of Ghee. Paneer butter masala with half or one butter roti. Manchurian and chilly Paneer are good starters but remember they have the right amount of refined carbs through cornflour. Cashew masala is another choice. Sugar-free Kaju Kathli or Badam Halwa are sweet choices; have them occasionally.

For in-between snacks, keep Ghee roasted Almonds and Cashews mix (salted if you like with salt). You will need a lot of salt for low carb metabolism.

Balanced Vegan Eating: One Should Follow For Weight Loss
Balanced Vegan Eating: One Should Follow For Weight Loss

Information On Balanced Vegan Eating

Getting in micro-nutrients is NOT a problem for most vegetarians, but when it comes to protein, it not easy, especially people who weight lifts.

He’ll also get fit and healthy in the process, as the diets that I recommend are very high in essential nutrients.

We need to nail down portion sizes and proteins in grams if we want any success from our diet.

Why increase protein?

· It increases the satiety effect. it means that when you add proteins to your diet, you feel full for a very long period, which helps you to avoid cravings/hunger.

· Enough protein helps you to preserve/build lean muscle, which allows you to look toned and LEAN.

Balanced Vegan Eating: One Should Follow For Weight Loss
Balanced Vegan Eating: One Should Follow For Weight Loss

How Much Is Protein Good Enough?

A range of 1.2 to 1.8g/KG (not pounds) of Bodyweight is more than enough.

For an individual who is 70kg, here is the range of protein:

84 to 126g per day

When thinking of your meals, always start with a protein source instead of a carb source.

Protein source:

Daal [Lentils+Pulses]

Chole [ Chickpeas]

Rajma [Red Beans]

Paneer [Cottage Cheese]

Eggs [If you are an eggitarian]

Now add 10–15g of Ghee/Coconut oil in cooking it.

Based on your total caloric requirements, you can add rice/chapatis.

Always add a big bowl of green salad with this meal.

Here is an Indian Diet Plan for weight loss [One for female one for the male]:

And don’t forget no matter how healthy you eat, if you don’t eat less than your TDEE, you won’t lose weight. It is as simple as that!

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