6 New vegan Fast Food Menu Choices From A Vegetarian Fast Food Chain

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Many vegan fast food restaurants have gone through a serious overhaul in their menu recently, and as a result, they have become some of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in the nation. It seems that more people are enjoying the taste of vegan meals and going for it instead of the boring old meat-and-potatoes fare that has been the standard for decades. But, what exactly can you expect on a vegan menu? If you love meat and veggies, then expect to find a variety of these on your vegan fast food restaurant menu:


A broccoli and celery

Who can turn down an extra wholesome bread sandwich? While many other fast food restaurants have gone completely vegan, those who love the taste of bread can get it at a vegan fast food restaurant menu too. A whole wheat sandwich is full of protein, complex carbohydrates, and vitamins. It’s easy to make at home with whole wheat bread, a jar of soy sauce, and a few ingredients. Serve it up with some fresh baked brown rice and you’ve made a wholesome and filling meal.

Salads. It’s all about salad recipes nowadays. Beyond the usual tomatoes, cucumbers, and spinach, there are dozens of new vegan recipe variations on the market today. You can opt for a fresh, colorful salad or opt for a side of mixed greens topped with hummus and pita bread to make a quick, healthy snack.


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Beyond the basic baked potato, there are hundreds of new vegan options on the market today. From cashew to hemp, to coconut and pineapple, each new flavor brings something new to the table. An assortment of fresh tarts can be served up with some fresh baked sweet potato, which is a tasty treat in its own right. An afternoon brunch is also possible using a warm, fluffy baked sweet potato and some vegan cream cheese and a dash of black pepper.


Who could forget the new wave of vegan cheese? Beyond a ol’ parmesan and brie, the list of vegan cheese alternatives has expanded significantly. Kimchi, vegan mozzarella, almond flavored cashews, and even tofu made just for vegans are popping up on restaurant menus. A salad made with carrots, beetroot, radishes, and a sprig of garlic is a satisfying snack that works well as a portion size for dinner.

Mexican Food. Beyond the quesadillas and the tacos, there are dozens of new vegan options on the menu of your local Mexican restaurant. From fresh salsa to creamy guacamole and from grilled jalapeno peppers to spicy and fried red peppers, make your taste buds dance with rich flavors. Plus, there’s always the option of an open tortilla – make it spicier by incorporating more spice!

Brown Rice And Beans

People who are new to veganism might be surprised to learn that one of their most popular picks on the vegan menu is black beans. They are high in protein and low in fat, making them a welcome addition to any healthy vegan diet. Try a side of black beans with a tossed salad for a healthy and yet tasty meal. Other options include grilled portobello mushrooms, pinto bean sprouts with salsa, and even chickpea tacos with tofu and brown rice.

Cheese and Fruits. If your tastes have changed and you’re ready to dig into your new vegan diet, the next step is to check out the new vegan cheese choices that are popping up on restaurant menus. Beyond cheddar and milk cheeses, there’s a wide selection of great-tasting vegan cheeses that are made without cow rennet, so they are cruelty-free and good for you. You can also get your daily vitamin source (and vegan protein) from non-homogenized, unprocessed plant-based milk and other fruits and vegetables. 

Last Words

The veggie burger is an all-time favorite that many people love, and you’ll likely be impressed by the unique variety of flavor-rich options available on the vegan fast food chain’s new menu.

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