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5 Delicious Vegan Finger Food Ideas

vegan finger food ideas

What can you make with vegan finger foods? If you’ve ever cooked vegan before, or if you’re a vegansaurus who’s grown accustomed to non-vegan cooking, you’ll know that vegan food is generally very simple to prepare. Many of us know someone who can make a good lasagna, or a tasty stew, and who can make a lasagna and some baked potatoes, too! If you haven’t taken the time to learn how to cook vegan, these recipes will be a great place for you to start.

Baked potato tacos are a simple, yet filling, treat that you can take pride in eating, even if you are a vegan. Start by heating up some water to make a deep, rich soup. You can also steam the potatoes (though feel free to just use a microwave) until they are slightly soft. You’ll want to mash them just enough so they are tender but not mushy – this is completely personal.

Chop Up Your Potato Into Chunks

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Next, chop up your potato into chunks. I usually chop up about 3/4 of an inch thick ones, though you may adjust this based on your taste buds. Next, add some vegan sour cream and nutritional yeast to the potato. Mix them together until they are combined properly. The longer you mix them, the creamier and smoother the end result will be.

Here is your starting point – your vegan chili. Heat up some dried oregano and brown your beef, tomatoes and veggies (remembering to keep the proportions equal). Stir in your spices, such as cumin, chili powder and salt to bring out the flavor of the dish. Put in whatever ingredients you have (cheese, beans, etc) and enjoy! Don’t worry about measurements – it should all be pretty close to each other in size.

Tacos, Burritos Or Pizzas

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If you want to make a more substantial meal, such as tacos, burritos or pizzas, then you can easily do that. First, cook your own beans – use whole-wheat or organic when possible, and make sure they are fresh. Then, chop up your vegetables (sweet potatoes work well) into small pieces and add them to your beans. You can season with whatever you want, but this meal is definitely vegetarian-friendly.

A quick and easy gluten-free alternative to pizza is zucchini pasta. It works great on veggie pizzas, too. Just make sure it comes packaged in water instead of the plastic it’s made out of. These types of vegan pasta dishes are surprisingly versatile – you can make them all day long and they’re so cheap and convenient that you could make a recipe for them every day!

Gluten-Free Cookies

For the crust, you can always go with gluten-free cookies, such as organic wheat. Bake them up in your oven if necessary. Or, try making your own vegan ice cream. Scoop fresh vegetables (your veggies don’t have to be fresh, though if you’re trying to avoid allergens) and set it inside a blender. Puree until smooth and creamy – it will taste just like regular ice cream, only without all the calories and sugar!

Finally, remember that vegan cooking is a form of cuisine. There’s no denying it! If you follow some of the vegan recipe guidelines listed above, you can come up with truly tasty dishes.

The Vegan Oatmeal Cookie

Of course, not all vegan cooking is about finger foods. There are plenty of recipes for whole foods that you can eat every day. Some are even made with ingredients you may already have at home. A great example of this is the vegan oatmeal cookie. You can use applesauce or other vegan milk substitutes to create this classic, guilt-free dessert – and it doesn’t require any vegan ingredients whatsoever!

If you’re not sure you could really whip up your own “tasty” vegan version of bagels, try frozen bananas. You’ll need to add some water or milk, and mix them up until they’re nice and gooey. You could also create a fruit-flavored version of potato chips. Use applesauce to prepare the chips. You can add walnuts, raisins, or cashews for a little extra crunch, and enjoy your new creation!

Final Words

Another excellent idea is vegan cooking with sauces. Just look for vegan sauces that aren’t so common such as cream cheese, soy sauce, curry sauce, or barbecue sauce. That’s because traditionally, those types of sauces are loaded with gluten and can be hard for those with celiac disease to tolerate. Instead, try sauces like fresh buffalo or barbecue sauces. They’ll be absolutely delicious and just a bit healthier for everyone involved!

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