3 Quick Tips For Preparing A Fast Food Vegan Breakfast

fast food vegan breakfast

It’s always funny when you go to a fast-food restaurant these days, and you see the drive-through window has two strips of cheese on it, or when you have to order a salad and it has slices of cheese on it. If you want a fast-food vegan breakfast, this might be your way to enjoy your favorite food without giving up the love of eating vegetables and fruits. Not only is it easy and fast, but healthy too. Now, you can start enjoying that cheese on your morning jog or that creamy pasta on your way to work. Here are a few ideas of how you can do it.

Fast Food Vegan Breakfast

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Have a veggie plate. Order a vegetarian fast food like wraps, stir-fries, vegetable pizzas, veggie burgers, or a veggie sampler platter with several different types of vegetables. Have a veggie tray or spread a little bit of dressing on some crackers and fruits to snack on throughout the day. Any food that is prepared without oil, vinegar, and spices will be perfect for a vegan diet, so look for those foods.

Veggie Bacon

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Serve veggie bacon. If you like your fast food sizzling hot and crunchy, try baked veggie bacon on your next trip to the fast-food restaurant. You might be surprised at how good it tastes, and you can use the leftovers to make a wonderful meal the following day.

Soy Burger

Use a soy burger. Most fast-food restaurants serve a soy burger topped with cheese. This is a great alternative to the regular burger and offers an easy way for people to switch over to a vegan diet and feel better about eating meat and animal products. If you like the taste of the vegetarian food but still want a taste of beef, consider making your own tofu burgers.


Make a sandwich. Many fast food places now offer healthy sandwiches. Instead of a traditional bread sandwich, try peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You can choose between vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and egg-free versions. You can also replace your conventional bread with spinach or other leafy vegetables in your vegan sandwich.

Granola Cereal

Make a granola cereal. One of the hardest things about eating vegetables is getting them to break up properly in a bowl. Thankfully, there are breakfast cereals available that are made from all-natural ingredients like coconut, rice, nuts, and seeds. If you don’t like a cereal that has a lot of sugar, consider making your own veggie bacon cereal instead.

Skip the pasta. Forget the long cooking processes in the food industry. There are plenty of ways for you to enjoy fast food vegan meals even when you are on a vegan diet. You can still have all of the favorite flavors and combine them with some vegetables, crackers, and a sauce for a quick and convenient meal that you won’t feel guilty about missing out on.

Things To Consider

A major portion of people in the United States eats fast food on a regular basis. Changing your food habits and incorporating vegan food into your routine will definitely make you feel healthier and more satisfied. Just think of the great new food ideas that you can incorporate into your diet!

Don’t overcook your vegan oatmeal. One of the easiest and most delicious ways to incorporate healthy eating into your fast food vegan breakfast menu is by using healthy oatmeal and choosing to steam it instead of eating it quickly. By using the steam method, you can create the perfect nutritious breakfast for yourself and others without worrying about unhealthy side effects like excessive melting or burning. With this healthier alternative, you can still enjoy all of the flavor and comfort of your favorite fast food item without the extra calories and fat.

Do some research online and buy some soy milk. If you have been on a vegan diet before, then you have probably discovered that dairy products like milk and yogurt are often difficult for your body to digest. This is due to the lactose that is present in these products. If you frequently consume dairy products, consider purchasing soy milk or other products with a high level of lactose content. You can find these products at any health food store or even online. You will find that soy milk is not only more convenient than regular milk, but it is also much easier for your body to digest.

Bottom Line

Lastly, prepare your fast food vegan breakfast before you hit the drive-through for work. The last thing you want to do is get up to go eat at your favorite fast-food restaurant, only to throw up all of your hard work the very moment you step inside. Make sure that you stock up on fruits and vegetables before you leave work. Even the healthiest meals can sometimes be lacking something if you don’t prepare them well!

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