20 Vegan Noodle Dishes You Need To Try Before You Die


Staying healthy and eating nutritious foods on a regular basis have become very important for us. Since we majorly prefer junk foods, we must always seek for such foods which provide proper nourishment. Vegan foods are gaining popularity among several health-conscious people. People tend to mix between vegetarians and vegans quite often. There is a prominent difference between the two.

Vegetarians eat not only vegetables but also dairy products, whereas vegans refrain from consuming dairy products such as milk, butter, etc. Vegans always have a powerful principle of allowing the animals to live and avoid using any sort of products from them. Vegan noodles are one of the most versatile dishes which vegans truly enjoy. Therefore, every vegan must consume vegan noodle dishes as per their preference. 

20 Vegan Noodle Dishes You Need To Try Before You Die
20 Vegan Noodle Dishes You Need To Try Before You Die

Multi-Folds Of Tofu

Tofu noodle dishes are relatively popular among vegans. Japchae is one of the Korean dishes which is very easy to prepare as it can be customized easily. After boiling the noodles, take it out from the water using a kitchen strainer spoon. Then add sweet potato noodles along with carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, and other vegetables to prepare the noodles. 

20 Vegan Noodle Dishes You Need To Try Before You Die
20 Vegan Noodle Dishes You Need To Try Before You Die

Thai Green Curry Tofu noodles with Kimchi is another such easy vegan noodle dish that looks very appetizing. The creamy smooth Thai green curry sauce along with the marinated tofu and kimchi make a delightful recipe. 

Thirdly, Shyoyo noodle is a spicy dish that is seasoned with salt and tofu in addition to veggie sausages. 

Besides these vegan noodle dishes, there is a blended dish called Indo-Chinese Hakka noodles with the preferred veggies. This is the vegan version of Chow mein with tofu, chili sauce, tomato sauce, soy sauce, garlic, and ginger to make it spicy.

Finally, to further spice dish up, Sesame soy tofu noodles are prepared by marinating tofu in a combination of soy and hot sauce, tahini, and lime together with vermicelli noodles. 

20 Vegan Noodle Dishes You Need To Try Before You Die
20 Vegan Noodle Dishes You Need To Try Before You Die

Nourishing Vegan Noodle Dishes

There are even some healthier versions of vegan noodles such as soybean noodles in peanut butter spinach sauce which is not only delicious but gets prepared in a very short time. Secondly, spicy kale pesto with zucchini noodles is another delicious dish to enjoy during winters. In addition to both, creamy sweet potato with ginger tempeh is so delicate to eat that it will linger on the mouth. 

Now, grilled pineapple and vegetables rice noodle bowl is yet another vegan noodle dish, which has grilled pineapple and various types of veggies as key ingredients. If a vegan wants to refrain from cooking, raw curry noodles are the key. One can relish it cold, right out from the refrigerator. Instead of having something cold, peanut, and daikon radish noodle salad gives warmth to the body while eating and gives a crunchy taste. 

Miscellaneous Lip-smacking Vegan Noodle Dishes

Prepare the green coconut curry veggie with zucchini noodles along with several veggies and pineapple. The hot and sour Thai noodles are another such vegan noodle dish which is a combination of tanginess and crispiness. Next is the maple soy soba stir fry which is fulfilling to eat. 

Further, in the list is sesame ginger noodles, completely filled with ginger and veggies especially broccoli that one can devour on. Further, there is shiitake mushroom pho soup which one can prepare with the garlic, ginger, and all the seasoning along with the main ingredient, mushrooms. To give the dish a colorful look, prepare a rainbow pad Thai using carrots, peppers, broccoli, and mango pieces.  

Vegan All The Way! 

These unique 20 vegan noodle dishes as discussed above can be a great delight on various occasions. The dishes should be consumed if a person is adopting veganism. Depending on the person’s love of food, one can indulge in one of these tasty veg noodle dishes. The 20 dishes are easy to prepare with readily available items and a vegan can cherish the flavor of such several ingredients together.